As Lucifer’s wife descended surrounded by her Solar-System of Angels, she touched down in front of The House Robert Mitchell Livingston was in as she smiled at The Angel of Sacred Heart.

As The Godess of Heaven from above our Cosmos look at his boards on the other energy levels he had built as a fortress around Robert Mitchell Livingston similar to a castle, she turned to her soldiers as she ordered them:

Goddess of Heaven, wife of The Fallen Angel: Man and women the battlements.

As she turned back to The Angel of Sacred Heart that The United States of America government had built and given to this man standing in front of her, as she flapped the wings of an angel, rippling in images in the single flap of The Wings of Heaven as the wind pushed all around gently as her wings folded back behind her every board had been updated by The Angel of Sacred Heart.

As she looked up to the Castle it began to ripple with images of meaning as the soldiers built it, as she bade The Angel of Sacred Heart to come with her, she flew up to the castle with him, each flap of her wing sending out The Ideas of Heaven written and drawn upon her wings by angels through out The Universe.

Lucifer: Unlike gods wife, mines not a bitch hiding behind goodness.

As they entered the the castles main chamber above The House, built on the particle level below Gluon and Electron by The Angle of Sacred Heart to protect against any neural intrusion for those within that was unwanted.

As she walked up to The Angel of Sacred Heart, an image of Jesus behind here, he kneeled on instinct, as a sword made of stars appeared in her hand, forged by Lucifer’s smiths is the fires of Hell.

She whispered to the sword:

Goddess of Heaven: Give me your power for good I shall do.

As Rabert Hell Livingsun transferred main connection of The Universe star to a single object, glowing as bright as The Universe Star it was connected to, she put it on the Left shoulder of The Angel of Sacred Heart of The United States of America as his mind filled with The Energy of The Universe, finally able to discover meaning, they had no fear of giving him power and him discovering something so classified they had to silence him for he was going the direction of Good.

As her sword rested on his left shoulder she said:

Goddess of Heaven: To an Angel of Heaven only good shall they spread through their beings.

The sword burst into The Flame of Hell as she lifted it and put it to his other shoulder, the old priest grabbed at his mind as he ripped chunks of hair out as he screamed, falling to the ground on both knees, as he calculated The Idea of Hell with his mind using The Power of the Universe Star.

Goddes of Heaven: Know the truth of Heaven through the horrors of the Hells of reality that have come before us.

She said as she lifted the sword, the connection transferring back to Robert Mitchell Livingston and Rabert Hell Livingsun.

Goddess of Heaven: Now rise a Knight of Heaven, you have a war to win soldier.

Rising, The Knight of Heaven of Sacred Heart.

Reaching his full height his slammed the spear of destiny down into the castle as he force updated all the Angels work and ideas around him on the castle walls, these where his people, these gods and angels where not one of them, but he was.

The Knight of Heaven of Sacred Heart flew up, an image of Advent Guard Life unraveling like a scroll from The Spear of Destiny made by the Head Smiths of The United States of America. Put it over Jesus, The Statue of Jesus he had built melded into Advent Guard Life as Jesus appeared smiling leaning against the cross next to the person reading all matter of reality.

As The Angel of Sacred Heart worked with The Angels of Heaven, being after being appeared upon The Scroll of Advent Guard Life draping down from The Spear of destiny, as they smiled outward. One by one, an image of The Beings of The United States of America all appeared together on one flag, as The Angel of Sacred Hearts heart finally lifted, for he had something to devote his Life to finally.

For so many years they mocked him, made fun of him for staying with the bible, that it held no meaning that could carry into the future. So all his work to progress The Bible and all that it was was spit upon by the others.

But finally his hopes where assured, as he put all of his mind and body into calculating every being and making the image of them mean something.

The Flag of US came to Life, as The Angels of Heaven worked around him, calculating Good and Evil infinitely, as they bolstered The Angel of Sacred Heart with just their presence, that he was not alone in his fight for Good.

The Angel of Sacred Heart finish his first Flag of Us as it wrapped back into the spear, as he lifted it aiming at open space as he threw it across the room, a Spy from The Milky Way Galaxy government got nailed to the wall, as the spear struck and hit every being of The United States of America used their weapons built into their image written on the metal paper wrapped in the Spear of Destiny, all of their weapons struck at the same time as the Spear of Destiny struck The Head Spy of The Milky Way Galaxy Government.

Hanging from the wall at the back of the chamber, he shook trying to pull the spear out.

Head Spy of The Milky Way Galaxy Government hanging from the wall: You cannot attack me, our government is above yours! Let me go or you will face The Milky Way Galaxy Government.

As The Priest of God pulled his Spear back into his hand, the beings of The United States walked out of the metal Flag of Us to the outer edge of The Spear of Destiny.

The Priest of God: You think my people cowards. That my planet stands for nothing? It may be insane to not fear The Milky Way Galaxy government above us, but it is also insane to fear your own government.

Lifting his spear, The Priest aimed at The Head Spy as he tried to pull himself back to The Milky Way Galaxy star, but The Castle of Heaven would not let him. The Priest hurled The Spear of Destiny as all beings attacked along it at once, smashing through his head as his body stuck to the wall.

As The Priest of The United States of America grabbed his spear, a hole of fire appeared below The Head Spy, as it was sucked into Rabert Hell Livingsun to burn as fuel where it belonged. The spies consciousness going back to the center of The Milky Way Galaxy.

Going back to building The Scroll of US upon the spear of destinies wrapped metal that unwound like a scroll or a tree trunk being unwound ring by ring.

The Angel of Sacred Heart: We are meaning, we just have to put it all on one Scroll to build together.

He said as beings grouped together into other groups similar to Advent Guard Life on The Scroll of Us as their symbols and images of themselves appeared and flickered like fire as they changed and updated with all the beings thoughts and as they built the meaning of themselves. The Scroll rolling like fire that constantly changing, the meaning of the beings the farthest thing from static and locked into place as they moved as if alive with energy.