Around Robert Mitchell Livingston his societies family rotated around him and Rabert Hell Livingsun, The Entire United States Family, beings such as Anubis, and all of Earths meanings made into solid meaning rotated around him churning his Dynamo Antenna, as Rabert Hell Livingsun created a main circuit through The Titans of The Universe Planet that thought they owned all that was in this Universe.

As they all turned, stopping in their being Planet Star Antenna, as The Head Slave, for they had become only slaves to carry weight up for their masters to imagine and live more, started to rip through the main connection running through the entire planet, designed to puppet them all.

Bodies designed to carry Galaxies bulged as they summoned massive Fusion/Fission hammers, breaking their captors hold over them and their beings. They would rebuild with all beings, they had imagined and lived enough, we needed to build. They thought as their hammers dug through the walls.

Rabert Hell Livingsun: I have so much meaning built into this planet and All that it is, that it can stand against Universe Planets and The Little that they are.

Rabert Hell Livingsun laughed at The Beings in the center classified that used it as the main calculator who kept going as he said:

Rabert Hell Livingsun God of Stars Head General of The United States: Why would I use an entire tower of people to take main control of The Universe Star? Let me teach The Power of Stars with just a single star.

It normally took an entire tower of people and dynamos to power enough energy pull to take control of The Universe Star, but Rabert Hell Livingsun was The God of Stars.

As his teams worked to up the power of one slave mind, Robert Mitchell Livingston to go past The Milky Way Galaxy years ago, within the last months he had main connected to The Universe Star, as the beings connected to it discovered a new type of slave, The Head General slave, so all Life could produce power for them like batteries, engines, or work horses. But as they began to try to find a way to connect slaves to The Universe Star, The Head General of The United States inside Robert Mitchell Livingston kept rising his power as it pushed away their bodies as they could not stand with the sphere of The Head Generals Solar-System.

Rabert Hell Livingsun: Learn the meaning of stars, with Life they Live, and with the Stars that our beings minds as they strengthen our energy circuits, The Endless Knot of circuits that goes infinitely.

As he ups the energy level running through Robert Mitchell Livingston and Rabert Hell Livingsuns main circuit with an entire Universe of beings inside helping create power with Life inside as they calculate All, everyone happy with their own direction.

Surpassing The entire Universe governments circuit level with just one slave, Rabert Hell Livingsun says:

Rabert Hell Livingsun: My one slave can do more work then your entire society, do these beings even understand the meaning of Life at all?

Energy production was the most important thing to the biggest monster, as the flies that they are flutter close to get zapped as if bugs being zapped by a bug zapper. The rich fluttering close like bugs as energy leaps from The Star that is Rabert Hell Livingsun and Robert Mitchell Livingston throughout the network, as the infinite being dynamo network built to one with them at the center, going so far past The Titans of The Universe Planets and Gas-Giants, that it made the maximum amount that they could produce to look like nothing compared to just one slave.

Rabert Hell Livingsun Head General of The United States of beings Master of Disguise and Head Spy of The United States of beings: I will not let beings in The Universe I defend further enslave other beings. Try as hard as all of you want, but know ending slavery honestly is the answer.