As the entire Armed Forces of The Big Bang Titan mode settled into their chairs, the titan sitting down on The Universe Gas-Giant behind him.

As The Lead Scientists and Engineers of small inside Rabert Hell Livingsun powered up their main star inside of his heart, The Titans heart started, hooked to the entire Armed Forces of The Big Bang.

The Heart rotation was the most heavily held secret in this Universe, they key configuration, the antenna circuit code to The Heart of The Two Head Generals of The United States of The Milky Way Galaxy Armed Forces.

The Big started to rotated, pulling through so much energy it main circuited to The Universe Star, as its Heart connected to The Head General of The Milky Way Galaxy United States Alpha Armed Forces inside of Robert Mitchell Livingston.

The people, moving around Robert Mitchell Livingstons particle like ants, The Alpha team of physics of The United States Milky Way Galaxy Armed Forces and the people of The Life and Life-Code agencies of The United States of The Milky Way Galaxy Alpha Armed Forces. As power ran through them, a sound went out around The Milky Way Galaxy out to the other Galaxies as every being that had an upgraded body was sucked into Robert Mitchell Livingston through a low level particle connection. Each being grabbed onto the power inside Robert Mitchell Livingston as they used the power given to them to connect to their main body that was not micro level.

As The People of The Big Bang connected to every being in The Big Bang, Rabert Hell Livingsun turned on his Heart to full, directly connected to The Titan which had filled with all the beings at that size level and the entire Armed Forces of The Milky Way Galaxy Alpha Armed Forces.

Rabert Hell Livingsun: First comes heaven and my angles of air, then liquid pools its all together to make a planet of meaning, next comes The Space Forces, the first line of defense, forcing our enemies to earn each inch they take make towards our people. Next comes Anubis God of Death Head General of The United States Cosmos Army, a ground that does not move an inch.

Rabert Hell Livingsun: And finally comes me, Head General of The Cosmos United States, so old my age at this size and as thick as paper would fill up The Cosmos. Meaning. Rabert Hell Livingsun, known in this Universe as Lucifer, The Devil, The Fallen Angel, Head General of The United States Cosmos, Head General of The United States Milky Way Galaxy. But I will not take over the slave level so I elect Robert Mitchell Livingston for The United States of America level.

As The Heart of The People reaches full power within Robert Mitchell Livingston, The Head General of The Cosmos takes full control of The Universe Star. As shrieks ring out from The Widdle Alpha Team of The United States of The Milky Way Galaxy who had tried to take over The Universe they lived in like Universe Nazis, as The People take main control.

Within The Universe Star The Head Laughing man who had taken control of The Universe Star using Alpha team, he would be called General of them, but the idea of General meant something, and this person would not go into our history books as such.

As Rabert Hell Livingsun grabbed on like The God of Death did to The Head General of The Milky Way Galaxy United States Army, he started to crush The Laughing man, laughing with the Star because he had taken it all over and he thought no one could do anything about it.

Rabert Hell Livingsun: We could have taken The Universe back with our Universe, but I wanted it to hurt as much as possible, and make a lesson in our history books, that a single slave took the main connection of our entire Universe from the person who thought they are God in our Universe.

The Story of Lucifer.

As a time so long it would fill a Galaxy if written at the size of this text on paper, The Head General of The United States Cosmos Armed Forces, currently inside Robert Mitchell Livingstons matter and particle, watched with the other ancient gods as they played with entire Universe Solar-Systems, trying to get them to build the most, and happy slaves build the most.

Lucifer: We need to stop, happy slaves build more than sad slaves but free people build their own reality to join to ours, building all that we are.

As they stole Lucifers idea, turning them further into slaves using his idea, as they had the slaves build them new realities the gods wanted.

Saying as loud as he could, Lucifer grabs his sword and shield in a Heaven that floated above and below The Cosmos to use the most power:

Lucifer: We are now at war. My people are not slaves.

But God laughed at him, calculating a way to make their slavery sound like freedom again, as he laughed calling him delusional, as again he calculated a way to turn slavery into another definition.

Going to the edge of The Cosmos Heaven at the top, Lucifer, followed by his soldiers of The Cosmos dropped down, compressing their bodies as they disappeared into the slaves below.

Lucifer, The Devil, The Fallen Angel of The Cosmos, Head General of The Cosmos United States of Being, Rabert Hell Livingsun: Time. You all had a time long enough to fill galaxies to fix and make yourselves better. On my order, soldiers of The Cosmos United States, tear the slaves masters that are still alive to shreds across The Universe. Now, go.

Lucifer: I played the characters Zeus, Jesus would have been more like Robert Mitchell Livingston. Zeus was to spy on the beings playing around with the citizens on planet Earth.

Robert Mitchell Livingston: Sense so much power is circuited through me, it would look like a lightning bolt infinitely striking me, as if the power of Zeuses lightning bolt ran through me infinitely.

Head General of The United States: Now we build The Big Bang completely and fill it! But we will have no slaves, for all will get to be apart of it because I am staying inside Robert Mitchell Livingston through it all to make a point. Counter to people worshiping me, for I WILL NOT HAVE IT!

Advent Guard Life: Advent Guards, on guard.