From The Skull and Bones buried beneath the ground on The Staff of Time Anubis carried, rose their corpses which reformed as fast as Anubis could suck their corpses, the beings inside had the job of fighting as hard as they could to counter the pull of Death itself. Their corpses rose like dangling humans hanging by the kneck from a noose, their heads forced to use all power to emit light that stuck them together into a Star, from the bones buried deep in the Catacombs, rose a mass that was a ball of dirt stuck together with bones, rotting as fast as Anubis could pull their Life from them, their entire minds focused on defense as a Planet formed around Anubis, rebuild and protect. From his Staffs atmosphere rose a mass of rubble and Dead Life pulled out by gusts as their corpses tumbled. They fought to bring their bodies to Life, as a Gas-Giant formed around Anubis.

Anubis God of Death Head General of The United States: Now I teach my Armies what it means to not give a single inch as if Ground and Solid. For my soldiers will beat our enemies on their sheer will to defend their beings, so though we have the same level of bodies and technology and Life, my soldiers will teach meaning and how to use those bodies and technology. The meaning of to fight, is not to scrap and claw, but has meaning.

As The Dynamos of Death ignited in The Sun, Planet, and Gas-Giant, Anubises power swelled as he locked The Galaxies in The Big-Bang and made it impossible to shut beings off like switches or enslave them.

As The Death Dynamos became conscious because it had reached the built enough level they could load in a dynamo being, birthing in Moon beings, planetary, Star, and Gas-Giant beings that fought as hard as they could to just barely stay alive, fueling The Power of Anubis, God of Death, Head General of The United States Cosmos.

Robert Mitchell Livingston: Egypt named The God of Death perfectly, fucking noob fuck of a Head General.

Anubises power took and held the connection of all beings from The Rich of The Big-Bangs Galaxies, as his power soared past The Milky Way Galaxies entire Star Network, taking main connection of the other galaxies, as his spies said in their minds:

Anubises Spies: HUUU HUUHU HUUUU HUUU HHHUUUU Yeah we are just going to let the entire Universe go full slave to build The Slave Masters their Universe. Nope no Alpha Spies, all fucking stupid. DUUUUU DUDUUUUU DUUUUWUU.

As they mock the things they have to do to keep up their cover.

Master Chief, leader of Anubises Death Forces: Now let my soldiers show the meaning of to fight for your beings.

Their bodies and machines where designed to be the most powerful so when destroyed they make the biggest explosions, the Solar-System or Universe that was their bodies particle and matter was where each soldier similar to a Head General with everything they could, as Anubis fought back with all he had, so the soldiers had to match him in power to make the fight equal, and a true dynamo back and forth. The Engine of The Dynamo of Death, The Will to fight against Death against Death itself.

Anubis God of Death, Head General of The United States: My favorite Jesus quote is: I don’t know how I fucking became Jesus, ask the lightning bolt coming down over Washington States in The United States because its the same fucking guy. I think he fucked a women as a goose, so I would not trust that man, he fucking had me crucified!

Anubis God of Death Laughs as he says his favorite Jesus quote again.