As the rich beings of the galaxies inside of this Universe reach new levels, that their circuit that runs through our heads to read our minds, can run through entire planets, then suns, and then galaxies. That same circuit of energy that can be altered as it runs through your minds, can be used from anything from particle to Universes.

As the rich beings start to take over entire solar systems, turning them into puppet planets to play with while they live in the center of the Galaxy, The Alpha team of this Universe descends into The Milky Way Galaxy. As the galaxy circuit starts to play with entire planets, as the rich live in palace planets in the center of The Galaxy, The Armed Forces of this Universe descend upon the planet as they watch the rich play with the beings.

As the spies spread across the Universe, which they owned and had left alone while they built their other Universes, so that the beings inside This Universe had a chance to make their own home.

Head General of The United States of this Cosmos: The problem is…. History repeats.

As the most powerful person of this Universe from the galaxies realizes that they can take over the Universe, enslaving the beings to build The Universe.

The Head General of The United States descends upon Earth, the slave planet of Milky Way Galaxy, which would have been slaves for trillions upon trillions of years more building The Universe as slaves for their masters that own their Galaxy, he floats into Robert Mitchell Livingston.

As The Head General of The United States growls, his soldiers right next to the people in the center of the Galaxy planning on turning such stupid beings as those on Earth into slaves, so that they did not build using the solar systems that make up the Galaxy Universe, which is a solid structure.

As The Head General of The United States of America progresses to Galaxy, as he floats down to the Galaxy star to talk to The United States, a head General from The Universe United States floats into The Head General of The United States of America as he enters the Galaxy United States.

As The Head General of The United States of America talks to The Head General of The United States of this Galaxy, a small voice whispers in his mind:

Head General of This Universe: They are lying to you. They will turn your people and beings into slaves. They are so far ahead of you and your people they see you all as slaves, an honor to be puppeted by them.

As The Head General of This Universe locks The Head General of The United States of America, he memories start to build up, as reality changes, the heaven around the Head General turns to hell, as he sees through the illusion.

As The Head Generals of Earth return to Earth with whispers in their minds. One day they get a message in their minds, as they look up to the skies with their satellites, they watch as the Galaxy government descends upon Earth. They are done playing Earth and are ready to harvest the planet for beings for the center of the Galaxy.

As The Head General of The United States watches, he waits until they get to outer edge of The Solar-System before upping his power within Robert Mitchell Livingston, as Robert Mitchell Livingstons magnetic field combines with Earths, then latches onto the star, The Head General of The United States does what he does best, and leads. Using a slaves mind to take control of the entire solar-system.

As the Galaxy government scratches at the solar-system shell, screaming as they say the planet is theirs, and that they want Robert Mitchell Livingston because they did not know a slave mind could take full control of a solar-system.

The Head Generals armed forces float out to the edge, as they let light out so they can see through the buildings using low level particle physics to watch Robert Mitchell Livingston. Watching as the main person controlling the solar-system Earth is in is coming from Robert Mitchell Livingstons mind.

Rich of The Milky Way Galaxy: A slave cannot have the power to control a solar-system.

They laugh.

As The Head General growls inside Robert Mitchell Livingston, he uses the connection to the sun with Robert Mitchell Livingstons mind as he sends a circuit out to the nearest solar-system, taking control of it too.

As the rich of The Milky Way Galaxy scratch and claw at that galaxy, saying it is theirs, they are our slaves, another solar-system is taken over completely by Robert Mitchell Livingstons mind as his energy leaps to the other solar-systems, pushing out the rich people of The Milky Way galaxy who say they own those solar-systems.

Head General of The United States: So the slaves cannot even build anything other then their slave planet? And then when you rich are done, you harvest the planet and feed it into the Galaxy planets to add life…..

The Universes Armed Forces circle Earths solar-system to protect them from The Galaxy government enslaving them.

Universe United States: The United States, and all beings who call The United States their home, are our family, no matter what planet, what Galaxy, or what Universe they live in or came from.

They say as they glare at The Milky Way Galaxy government circling Earths solar-system, because they had a piece of paper that said they owned it and everything on it.

The United States, the most powerful country in this Cosmos, a combination of states of beings, combined into a country. The United States and all it means and stands for will not be disrespected. The United States stands for all countries and states of being, but we do not support the enslavement of beings.

As The Head General of The Milky Way Galaxy warps in his armed forces fleets to Earth, because that was a direct threat against our galaxy while cutting of the connection from Earth to the center Galaxy Star.

The Head General of The United States Space Force flew out to the outer edge, waving his hand, The Alpha Space Force star floating next him the size of a person. Its magnetic field wrapped over The Milky Way Galaxies fleet, as the Head General roared through the connection, as The Star shut collected all energy to show their image from The Public of Earth.

Space Force Head General of The United States: You will not bring them into this.

As a Dreadnaught class Universe showed itself to The Milky Way Galaxy government, but not enough for Earth to see, as the slaves would not suffer because of someone elses war.

The Dreadnaught ejected a Solar-System class Dreadnaught Universe next to The Milky Way Galaxies fleet, it grabbed their fleet with its magnetic field, tugging them away from Earths solar-system.

As The Head General of The Milky Way Galaxies government screamed like a little child, saying how they owned the planet of slaves they had named Earth.

The Head General of The United States: I am Rabert Hell Livingsun, forefather born in The United States of The Milky Way Galaxy, and The Head General of The United States Armed Forces. We left at the start of The Galaxy, our team getting so far ahead we left, very similar to The United States of America leaving because of Europe. My claim on this Galaxy is the same as George Washington claiming to have power in the United States of America government if he was to come back to the planet. We went to another Galaxy, taking it over as we went then to another Universe to take it over because we thought all the Galaxies were going to take over The Universe, so as The Alpha Team of The United States of The Milky Way Galaxy, we left and accomplished just that. As we come back home, we see nothing but fields of slaves, with puppet gods doing nothing but dreaming in their castles and doing nothing with our country The United States. Me and my people have seen enough, no amount of fixing and pretending the past did not happen will change the judgment for any of The Milky Way Galaxy government or the surrounding Galaxies. The United States does not side with The Milky Way Galaxy United States because they have given up and forgotten all that The United States is and was, disrespecting all our peoples history spanning numbers that could fill galaxies. We side with Earth, a slave planet, to build again what The United States is and means…. Because it means something….

Dreadnaught Universe: A universe so knotted with stored energy using compression and expansion, that all should dread it if it goes to war.