Psychotic: A person who is insane and psychic. Reading another persons mind to play with that person when they cannot read minds. Using what they learn from reading the persons mind so they can make them go insane by questioning everything they think, until their mind does not work anymore. Making the person who drove the other person insane and psychotic, while the person driven insane is actually sane, because they were forced to be insane instead of their brain actually being insane. But the psychotic person actually used what they learned from the other persons mind to drive them insane, effectively murdering them while keeping them alive, so the terrorists can point at the person who is insane, the victim, and then point at the smiling nice people who are the terrorists and the government will always murder the victim. So the terrorists just need to smile and say nice things while their victim goes insane suffering in pain until it dies decades later. Making the smiling people who keep their mouths shut after they have driven someone insane so no one believes anything the person says as they scream for help and tell the truth, as the terrorists then keep their hands and distance from the person so they cannot be connected to their crime after they have messed up the persons life so much they are the walking dead. So as the terrorists go silent, they let another team of government people murder their victim because they left it completely messed up, so it was sure to die after the terrorists move in another team who will ignore huge swaths of what happened and only focus on what the terrorists did to their victim recently. So these government people can try over and over again to murder any United States of America citizen, they just use what they learn from their brain to play with their victim, then mess it up so much that all they have to do is go silent and watch as their victim screams and kills itself or gives police or another government group a reason to murder the victim. So then technically the terrorists did not murder the slave, they only purposefully played with a United States of America citizen slave until there was a 100% of death later on after they were not involved or connected to the person anymore. Purposefully changed government agents until the group forgot what happened previously on the case, purposefully changed government agents on the case until the agents where all going the direction they wanted instead of the direction the case was going.