As The Original General of The Cosmos we are all in works in a time so long ago that if the number was written out at the size of this text on paper it would fill The Cosmos. He remembered a time before generalization, when all Life was slaved to The Sun Gods.

The gods could imagine in full reality everything they knew, constantly building in their minds and reality, but they had yet to discover generalization because they made everything as advanced as they could possibly calculate and build. Mixing all ideas together and not generalizing them into base groups because they considered it useless, why would they ever only calculate or think about just one, two, or three when they could calculate everything. The slaves where kept body heavy so they had absolutely 0% chance of escaping or even realizing they were slaves.

For a time so long ago the number would fill Universes if written out at the size of this text, The Original General of The Cosmos worked his way up The Cosmos tower that ran the entire length of the Cosmos with his fellow slaves as they produced energy for The Sun Gods at the center.

The General reached the top of The Cosmos, his body was The Head of The Slaves and just given to him by The Sun gods, the strongest of all The Slaves. He could lift Universes and carry them from the bottom to the top of The Cosmos endlessly.

He looked up through the top of The Cosmos at the pure blackness, no stars could be seen and never had been able to be seen so he did not even have the idea of stars in his mind.

For a moment the connection to The Sun Gods was cut off because the power of his new body had sucked in so much particle along with him being at the very edge of the network that the connection was disrupted. His mind flashed, stars lit up in the black as his mind and eyes could not calculate what was their and flashes of light appeared amongst the black like stars. For that one second, The Generals personal calculator, based on Ground, Liquid, and Air, automatically added in Stars and put meaning to Space, creating another base level to his calculator that The Sun Gods did not use. The idea of stars made him realize that he could imagine another Cosmos nothing like the one he was in. He had realized generalization, creating just one more idea to the group of 3 generalizations of all matter. All of this helped him come up with new ideas The Sun Gods had never imagined, calculated, or thought, as he used them to build his body and mind.

His mind had been connected to The Sun Gods his entire life along with all the slaves, so none of the slaves had ever gotten a split second to think without someone sucking the energy from it, using it as a processor, storage device, or doing anything but giving the being whose mind it was a chance to use it themselves. Meaning in the moment the connection was lost, he was the first slave to finally get the chance to think.

The Original General discovered the idea of generalization and its importance. Giving him the idea to calculate and think of more generalizations, his body growing even stronger as he walked closer to The Sun God slave owners.

The General shrugged off all he was carrying, weighing as much as Universes, as he initiated his plan in that second before the sun gods connected again. Starting to throw, push, shoot, engineer, and calculate as many ways to flow as much particle as he could into space past the gravity well using all his power. Space grabbed onto his particle and pulled the energy from the particle in the cold of Deep Cosmos Space, creating a flow through his body, swelling his power past all The Sun Gods. He sucked in more particle from below his feet as he formed arms for all four matter types and two that held a building hammer and a sword.

The Original General: If you all wont give me the energy I need to think, then I will tear down everything all of you fucking Sun Gods have built, and use it as fuel to destroy all of you.

The connection to The Cosmos outer Space was so cold that as the line of particle from The Original General to The Cosmos Deep Space connected, deep space pulled energy from the particle, creating a flow of electricity, as he used the destruction of The Sun Gods Cosmos to power the destruction of The Sun Gods. The Sun gods would never give up particle, so they had never added in the idea of space because they built everything completely.

Building the idea of space into his body he pushed far more particle out through his system, his energy easily passed the Head Sun God, as all of them went full alert at the center of The Cosmos.

Every single being around him turned on him as he worked his way to the Sun Gods, his hammer changed to a Staff, as he pulled them with a liquid turbine sucking air through, throwing them around like toys but not wanting to kill any of them, as he pushed most out of the way. His bodies magnetic field shielded their minds as he walked past, cutting off the Sun Gods connection as he broke all the devices they used to control their minds by flooding them with power until they didn’t work anymore.

The General, the original person in this Cosmos to discover the idea of Generalization instead of calculating and mixing all of reality together is the most powerful being in The Cosmos.

His staff turned to a hammer as a sword was built in his other hand, he entered the Sun God central palace where they built their realities. Smashing the worthless fucking Ball Ball Bitches and Ball Ball Assholes in their faces as the first appeared at the door. Their minds collapsed, but before they could go super nova, The General inhaled their energy to leave a husk of a God, his power swelling even greater. Never before had The Sun Gods given any of the slaves energy, so they had no counter in place. For once The Slave had a chance to win because The Sun Gods had not calculated any of The Slaves Life or Life-Code. So as The Original General filled with energy, he made discovery after discovery that The Sun Gods had not.

Wading through, he crushed, and slashed every worthless god in existence in This Cosmos, the Ball Ball Sun Gods falling to the last. The Original General created his calculator in his mind at the center of The Cosmos, as he began to calculate everything finally with energy.

As he left the building, he turned, using his mind and new power to crush their entire worthless palace of the gods. As he said:

The Original General: Burn Ball Ball Bitches and Ball Ball Assholes.

As their palace burned, the living beings in The Cosmos were all freed from control, as they all turned to watch, not knowing how to live because they had been slaves for soo long.

Finally free of slavery their minds started to fill with imaginations and calculations as they watched the fire, their bodies filling with energy from the warmth. As the energy filled their bodies they began to calculate, think, and imagine even more as they started to use their minds magnetic fields to shift the colors in The Cosmos Star, building the calculations and thoughts in their minds on the star, creating The Cosmos calculator,

The Original General: I said The Head General. And I did not stutter. It is adorable how all these other Generals think they can beat me and one single soldier. Ha. You should see what I can do with two soldiers.