Head General of Life of The United States of America: No cannon fodder citizens in Life.

Head General of War of The United States of America: No cannon fodder soldiers in War.

Low level United States of America government agents: It is no fun when our citizens can defend themselves against us, I miss it when we could just play with and get them to do whatever we want and they dont even know, like they are just our dolls. You know the good old days. I cannot wait for more neural technology and control of our citizens minds so we have more and better dolls to play with.

CIA: What those government agents said, verbatim, was more, oh look at our track record, its so good, we love and care our people, we have to continue to play with Robert Mitchell Livingston because we played with him for over a decade and now we need to cover it up by making him look dangerous to justify all of our government agents and what we spent on the case.

Armed Forces Intillegence agencies: These government agents saying all these loving and caring things, but all we hear is: But we made up and change our laws so we could legally play with the citizens we do not like, or the ones our government agents want killed because they messed up on a case.

Classified upper FBI: We hear all these nice loving things out of all these agents but all we hear is: They were just doing their job, let us just forget they purposefully messed Robert Mitchell Livingston up more and more to keep the case going to make it seem worst then it was, because it all started with him going to college, so if we just forget truth facts and reality, and just say kind loving things while we pay a small fraction of United States of America citizens to be our cannon fodder and continue to terrorize Robert Mitchell Livingston commiting organized Terrorism on United States of America soil while having United States of America government positions, so none of the rich engineers or scientists we want to hand things to because like them get their hands dirty murdering Robert Mitchell Livingston or the other people we need silenced around The United States of America.

Pentagon Counter Terrorism Teams: We hear all these kind loving things out of our government agents mouths, and see all their pieces of paper saying what they have done, but all our top agents hear is: We have to cover up that we tried to get Robert Mitchell Livingston to kill himself with his mother and then just kill himself to cover up the case, and failing that it allowed our agents more leverage to do whatever they wanted with him, so if we just keep doing the bare minium of poking him to make him scream then have our agents talk about how he totally cannot fit in in public and that is why we have prisons. Then we can throw him away, take Advent Guard Life from him as government, and we can force any medication down his throat because we made him look insane, so now we can steer his mind away from all the important ideas by just switching his medication and giving the rich people we like the correct medications.

Head doctors of The United States of America Armed Forces: We hear all these loving things about how they tried to help Robert Mitchell Livingston, gave him medical treatment, even more then the government agents, but our Armed Forces spies tell us: Sense we made him seem insane, we can play with him forever now, the stigma of throwing away someone in a psych ward works while all of us just talk about how that stigma needs to go away so it seems as if we care and love, while Robert Mitchell Livingston still dies because of it and it still works just fine to kill the United States of America citizens we do not like and do not want to help, after playing with them for a while and giving up. Sense we made him switch doctors so much, we managed to get an entire group of them in Spokane dedicated to just murdering Robert Mitchell Livingstons life no matter what he says because we made him seem insane, so we could use it against him in all the office meetings we had about him. We are going to make the best Life and Life Code agents for The United States of America, we so know our citizens.