In ancient times the rich learned to read, so that is number 1 or A read. And number 2 or B version of read is what the poor people got to do, starve to death while fighting for small amounts of bread to still starve the rest of the day. The rich learned to read while the poor learned bread. As my teachers always use to say, You can teach a person to read, but if you teach them how to Bread they can feed themselves for a life time. (Except the rich people kept control of the food so they could not feed themselves, so the poor did not even learn to Bread as the rich people did because their minds were always on starvation and not thinking or reading so they could not even focus on Bread. )

That means the kings and queens of the past along with the rich of the past are responsible to the enslavement, brainwashing, and mass puppet godding of entire countries of peasants for centuries on Earth. They puppet godded millions of living beings as their puppets. Meaning the Kings, Queens, and rich of the past, committed the worst crime any being can commit, then killed anyone that tried to stop them similar to dictators, and then made sure their family or friends took over when they died so not a single citizen of any country could rise up for centuries.

So our rich people are about to do what the rich people of the past did to our planet and our citizens for millennia, the worst crime rulers can commit puppet godding all their citizens and country, by cutting off physics and cosmology just as they did reading from the public and force the public to learn other concepts so they can control the entire public like puppets because they will always out smart the public just like the rich of the past did with reading.

Pentagon: What case is this again?

Is over 2000 thousand years of slavery count as a crime? Or are the rich people just going to cover up the worst act of terrorism in Earths history?