Head General of The United States of America: Make Robert Mitchell Livingston happy, and my soldiers turn the tides away from the government people around Robert Mitchell Livingston. Make Robert Mitchell Livingston sad, The Most Elite Armed Forces spy team ever made by The United States of Americas Armed Forces, will wipe your team from this country, wipe your organization from the country, or make sure we rub in the point that Robert Mitchell Livingston can and did outdo a lot of the government engineers and scientists on Robert Mitchell Livingstons case, yet because Robert Mitchell Livingston is a slave, they would rather have Robert Mitchell Livingston killed than have Robert Mitchell Livingston on their team. The armed Forces of the United States of America are going to make this hurt. Did the local government realize that they got Robert Mitchell Livingston addicted to marijuana then destroyed his life sinking him into massive depression and making him give up on his life, so replacing his marijuana because of some bullshit excuse, making him scream and freak out, and get even sadder, just shows the heads of the FBI, Homeland Security, Armed Forces, and CIA that the agents involved are unqualified to have power over our citizens lives on cases.