The United States of America is a dictatorship run by not one dictator but thousands to millions of them. The citizens or slaves/peasants are forced to listen to only those people, our peasants are brainwashed to vote for the one that is better brainwashing people into doing what they want, our politicians pick issues that get them elected. Our government employees have none of the same issues as our citizens yet they decide everything that goes on in The United States of Americas government which directly effects all citizens. All of those government people will defend each other and murder or have killed any United States of America citizen that gets in their ways. We live in a collective dictatorship that owns slaves or our citizens through modern day brainwashing using neural technology.

Truth can set us free. But they will all just ignore it, and commit murder level felonies because they are government and we are just citizens, and no one has told these government agents its illegal or a felony yet, which means these government people do not even know what direction are laws and rules are going in The United States of America, and they are in charge of the entire system that controls laws and rules. A collective dictatorship that has learned how to own its citizens as slaves openly through brainwashing and have the slaves not be able to fight back or defend themselves because they were never taught to understand modern day slavery at all from their government just historical slavery so they go their entire lives from birth to death not even realizing or able to defend themselves from slavery. And when the poor try to defend themselves and say something about what our politicians and government did to us all these last decades, the dictators of The United States of America have those people wiped, either through false imprisonment, make them go insane and false imprisonment in psych wards, just push them to kill themselves, or incite them into a pointless protests by controlling some of the people in their group so useless police can come beat them and make them look dangerous by extension, completely wiping out whatever group tried to have freedom of speech and makes them look dangerous by forcing the protest into a riot, or inciting people in the group to riot and split them off from the protestors, to wipe as many United States of America citizens the wealthy and government do not like.

Is there a single agency or organization that protects The United States of America and its citizens? Or are they all just groups as the NAZIs had to give their rich people and people the government likes jobs and something to do with their lives.