Doctors lobotomize people in The United States of America that have imaginations instead of helping them learn how to use their imaginations. This wipes out their imaginations so the rest of their brain works normally, giving a false façade of improvement because the rest of the brain just needs to handle normal every day tasks, but the person will not be able to imagine, think correctly, or even imagine their own life into the future other what the rest of the brain can accomplish. Example: They would be able to do a minimum wage job because the rest of their brain can handle simple jobs, but with any job that requires imagination or thinking of new ideas, they would not even be able to function, just regurgitate without imagination.

They should be taught how to use their imaginations, not have their imaginations lobotomized until they shut up and agree with the doctor because their imagination is dead, which means their brain is only accessing the other parts, which again gives a false façade of being better. People need their imagination, it is how we dream, come up with future plans, come up with new ideas that are not regurgitated or a combination of things you know just put together. The ability to imagine has given our society all of its Life, everything with Life in it not war, came from people with imaginations, to get rid of the imagination is equivalent to lobotomizing the person. The doctors and therapists in The United States of America are to lazy to do anything but just medicate and wait for the person to seem like someone the doctor thinks is normal, instead of nurturing vibrant imaginations and helping them use it effectively, our doctors instead go straight for lobotomy. People in The United States of America with mental issues are not treated at people but sub-people.

Most people with mental issues had vivid imaginations that no one taught them how to use, and what do doctors do? Immediately wipe out who the person was for their entire life until the doctor likes who you are, which immediately.

Robert Mitchell Livingston: Meaning I am more qualified to treat myself then my doctors are because I actually understand how the brain works, and what imagination is. My doctors on my case had to be told by me Robert Mitchell Livingston as I figured these things out, then those same people slow me down so their scientists and engineers can get ahead of me so they look smart, so they literally put me to sleep and torture me to slow me down so their scientists and engineers can get ahead of me, and I am still not good enough to be a scientist because I do not have a piece of paper that says I can do it, I only have the knowledge and ability to do the job which does not matter. Lobotomizing my imagination is similar to murdering who I was for the first 3 decades of my life, throwing me away, and starting over with whatever person my doctors or people on my case like.