Head General of The United States of America: On one of the planets our classified people split off too to build, the planet used reality screens on their citizens. The United States of America government people started to use the ground and liquid screens to control their citizens completely. Detached from reality, they began to full puppet god their citizens using reality screens, where the image is stuck in your brain differently. When all shows are played in ground reality, and it suggests something to you, you are far more likely to do it or have it stuck in your head to influence you. The United States of America government people are now serving life in prison, while their citizens are being helped. This is the reason The United States of America along with the other major countries took the planet Earth the electron screen route, because it has the least amount of influence on the brain, so The United States of America government along with the other governments would not be allowed to or able to puppet god citizens by forcing thoughts into their minds using the phones, TV’s, and computers. We have electron screens to prevent our government people who are completely detached from reality and our citizens from puppet godding our citizens and taking full control of them as if they are just dolls for government people to have something to do during their “Job”, because the major countries have seen it happen before on their classified planets, which is why Europe, Russia, China, India, are all on the side of Robert Mitchell Livingston. 10,000 United states of America, police, FBI, judges, lawers, doctors, and other government people going to prison for what they did while their victims who had their lives played with by the government are released and helped with the salaries of the government people going into prison. The other countries, Europe, Russia, China, India, have already agreed, they will be cleaning out their governments when this is all released, in favor of their citizens. Everything done to Robert Mitchell Livingston past over a year ago when I screamed it through his mouth at these government agents around Robert Mitchell Livingston to protect Robert Mitchell Livingston is just making the prison sentences of those police, judges, doctors, FBI, Homeland security, and other government agents go up every time Robert Mitchell Livingston is terrorized to make Robert Mitchell Livingston look like a terrorist while all the real terrorists go silent around Robert Mitchell Livingston as if the upper levels of the FBI, Homeland security, and the Armed Forces of The United States of America are stupid and cannot figure out what is actually going on. The United States of Americas government is going forward with this little, unknown, and unheard of thing to the FBI, Police, Judges, doctors, and Homeland Security, called reality, truth, and facts. I have an office in the Pentagon, apart of the classified group that stays separate from the public head generals, but gives them orders because the real head general is handling all the classified technology while the public head generals cannot. The real head generals of The United States of America are all classified at this point, as if separate from all their citizens…. And would you guess who realized this first? Admitted it, and then tried to fix that problem? The Head Generals of The United States of America, we give orders to the Head Generals that President Biden or Putin or any of the other major leaders get to speak too. It is time classified was no longer classified, and it has been way over due for a very very very very very long time now….. Again, us Head Generals realize it first, so the lower levels agents are only now seeing and understanding what is happening, while The Head Generals of The United States of America realized it so long ago they have already moved onto next ideas of how to help their citizens, so the government agents trying to figure out what is going on, are literally just wasting 80k plus jobs, real medical, nothing to worry about, unlimited training, and all they have to do is come up with outdated plans that do not matter, while Robert Mitchell Livingston gets nothing, no real medical, raped, tortured, starved, terrorized, and had his entire adult life destroyed as government agents left his mind destroyed, and yet Robert Mitchell Livingston still seems to out do all of these worthless scientists, doctors, and engineers, that get 80k plus, actual medical treatment, they dont get raped, toyed with, starved, and then forced to kill themselves to protect violent government agents from getting in trouble so they make the slave kill himself because the government women was an actual person, as if our citizens are sub-human. All of these government agents could just ask Robert Mitchell Livingston what will happen instead of wasting billions, all of the major countries agreed upon Robert Mitchell Livingston because of the massive point Robert Mitchell Livingston will make when 10,000 police, doctors, FBI, Homeland Security agents, and other government agents are thrown in prison for what they did to millions of United States of America citizens over decades, which then directs the direction of every country on Earth. Every country on Earth is about to make neural technology and the way their government agents used it on their citizens illegal, and those past mistakes will not be forgotten, 5-10 years for literally playing with another persons mind, even one thought, 5-10 years, which goes up if they are in a government. Every bird chirp exactly with Robert Mitchell Livingston is monitored, and the government agents will be facing 5 to 10 years before time, so several groups of agents are looking at life in prison for organized terrorism across The United States of America while holding government positions of any type. Every single time a government agent that made Robert Mitchell Livingston scream or do something else by terrorizing and controlling where he lives or who he can be around to keep complete control of his life, that is organized terrorism while having United States of America positions, that is minimum 5-10 years in prison, longer because of being government.

Head Doctor of The United States of Americas Army: Taking ecstasy in a room together with everyone involved in the case so they all get over it quickly and find peace is starting to sound nice now that all the government people are done whining and crying as they point to people taking ecstasy with out a doctor dosing them so everything they say to make a point is pointless and doesn’t mean anything or say anything about the effectiveness of ecstasy when used correctly.

Head General of The United States of America: The Armed Forces of The United States of America do not play lawyer vs lawyer, we play country vs country.

Heads of The Pentagon and Armed Forces of The United States of America: We have to save as many citizens as possible, to not be free this next year when all this technology spills out into Earth, would be equivalent to a life prison sentence with how far those people would be left behind as the main new groups form such as the Life Agency, Advent Guard Life, Life-Code agency, Reality forces for the Armed Forces, and all the source forces. We will have more jobs then people, to not be apart of that first wave would be equivalent to missing the biggest anything to occur in the last century of the history of Earth.

United States of America Head ARMY doctor: Which is why I am pushing with the Armed Forces to rent out a room big enough or a stadium, and put them all in it for 24 hours on ecstasy. They will work through all their problems, and not as many would have to prison because being apart of that would change their lives. It would be the first United States of America government test, working off PTSD research and family problems research that are helped with ecstasy when you put them all together and have them talk with a doctor leading or helping the conversation along, to be apart of it, would be to be apart of something again never done in the public, and would help solidify most drugs into safe zones, push them from dealers to stores, and allow for programs that keep track of how much you have taken with your body type to see how much you can take and how often. All of the people would have that story to tell for the rest of their lives, it could be a huge changing point for more agents then they realize. Which is why I am pushing for it Robert Mitchell Livingston.

Head General of The United States of America: Choosing or causing anyone other then Robert Mitchell Livingston to be the one to release all of these theories, means the other countries will go to world war 3. They agreed upon Robert Mitchell Livingston so the other countries could calculate what would happen, so all of the countries had to agree upon one person, so they could correctly simulate their countries futures. Russia, and the other countries similar agreed to Robert Mitchell Livingston because of his story, picking a rich person, or a poor person that was handed the answers to get a poor person to be the person who releases it, or a person who had their parents buy them astronomy or physics degrees so they have jobs in it but they do not actually like the field, or people that just get into these fields to make money, means countries such as Russia will start world war 3 the second these theories are released because they agreed upon Robert Mitchell Livingston because of what effect his story will have, that other people will not have that effect. Also purposefully hacking Robert Mitchell Livingston laptop to shut off things such as WordPress while the other agents try to make Robert Mitchell Livingston forget what he was going to write, so he does not write it, is again, and I don’t know how many times I can explain this: Organized terrorism on United States of America soil, against United States of America citizens, while having government positions in The United States of America government = Life in prison.