Each offense of putting any thought in another persons brain directly through neural technology, such as when Robert Mitchell Livingston walks into Safeway’s and they put thoughts that make him talk and then trigger his speech parts so they can murder him that way, each offense is a 5 to a 10 year prison sentence, while having a government position, 10 years or more. Putting in thoughts to see what citizens say to get information, so worthless United States of America government employees can pretend the response back matters when the person has never had anyone to talk their entire life is 10 years in federal prison.

Robert Mitchell Livingston: Our police, FBI, Judges, Homeland Security do not even know what crime or terrorism is. The fact that so many of the violent terrorists in The United States of America that played with our citizens with neural technology for these last decades, killed, raped, tortured, threw people in prison and psych wards to get away with murder as the terrorists just go to another government case, and all of them will be handed Life agency jobs or jobs with new technology while not a single United States of America citizen will get a job in the Life Agency makes me want to defend the future of my country The United States of America.

Head General of The United States of America: All Robert Mitchell Livingston did was illegal was go to college. The government agents, police, FBI, judges, doctors, and other agencies using government agents to control Robert Mitchell Livingston his entire adult life, rape, torture, starved, lobotomized, made sure he had no friends his entire adult life in the city he grew up in as the psychotic government women makes life long friends in the government in his city, made all of his relationship memories of psychotic women raping and playing with him while getting real medical, education, and more money then most United States of America citizens make their entire lives, and then after they had fucked up Robert Mitchell Livingstons so much they would get in trouble the government agents then tried to get him to kill himself or get stuck on antipsychotics that destroy his brain so they can control him until he dies so , to protect the government agents involved, that is called terrorism, worth life in prison. The people around Robert Mitchell Livingston are going to serve very serious prison time over what happened to Robert Mitchell Livingston.

Head General of The United States of America: None of the head generals of Earth want war, and we are currently in control of our countries neural networks, not people such as Putin or Biden. It is only the lower levels of The United States of America government and armed forces, along with the lower levels of other countries that still murder in the name of war to make it legal murder. The spy agencies of The United States of America and Earth have switched over to Life, not war. They were the first teams in The United States of America to make a low level particle grid that can overlap a persons brain and flow with the dynamo effect in the brain, hiding the spy within the particle inside of the brain. This is now used in all United States of America citizens without the spy in it, it moves with the rolling dynamo that is the brain thinking, this helps The upper levels of The Pentagon, and other agencies figure out our citizens, because the spy cannot remain still, it has to move with the persons thoughts, otherwise the persons brain will light up where the spy is and where their brain is. This tells us who people are past just information saved in the brain, it also tells the Pentagon where those people are heading intellectually as in Robert Mitchell Livingstons case. The Pentagon realized that Robert Mitchell Livingston was smarter then all the agents around him, but they dumbed him down and played with his life which made him look stupid. The Pentagon however can play the dynamo pattern and figure out who is about to make the next big discovery. Robert Mitchell Livingston won on Earth as the first person in the public ( Not counting rich people with access to technology no one in the public has or can even learn about ) to come up with the ideas he did. The governments dumbed down their public to keep them in control, but let that control off of rich people which was going to lead someone similar to Bill Gates to become the next Bill Gates, instead of someone like Robert Mitchell Livingston, who not only understands the ideas, but understood it enough to teach himself, figure it out, and then improve his theories with no help, and on lobotomy medicine while every USA scientist and engineer on Robert Mitchell Livingstons case is on Adderall or better. The Armed Forces of Earth agreed on Robert Mitchell Livingston, not some rich fuck like Bill Gates, or some rich little cunt or asshole who was handed everything so we could get more minorities or women into the USA government so they don’t seem racist or sexist instead of helping the people that need help. Every day that goes by that this technology is not released is another day of pain and suffering for billions on Earth while the rich don’t even notice or care other the pretend.

Signed: Head General of The United States of Americas Armed Forces and current head of The United States of Americas neural network, meaning me and my spies hear everything even in classified encryption to protect government agents…. Armed Forces would like to remind the FBI, Homeland Security, and other agencies: The Armed Forces of The United States of America theorized and made the technology at least a century before, So when the FBI, Homeland Security make a plan behind classified doors with their friends, and then make up so bullshit law their rich friends passed to better play with and kill United States of America citizens they don’t like…. Well then the Armed Forces of The United States of America would like to repeat: Over 10,000 United States of America government employees/agents are going to prison for a very long time over the use of neural technology illegally before the laws were passed to take advantage of the time period neural technology existed by no laws existed, meaning these government people do not even know the different between good or evil, terrorism or crime, because they did not recognize it all in themselves, just others. Over 10,000 prisons will be freed, and the money from those government peoples salaries will be used to get their and their families lives back on track. Do we make ourselves clear maggots and faggots? Because it was not a debate for rich little cunts and assholes to be paid to sit around and talk about it…..

As one the head spies for The United States of Americas Armed Forces sloshes inside Robert Mitchell Livingstons brain, going with the flow of his brain, one of the highest level spies in The United States of America says:

United States of America spy: These government agents realize that I pick up everything that goes on in Robert Mitchell Livingstons mind…… Not just what they can hear from scanners outside the brain, but I can pick up exactly anytime Robert Mitchell Livingstons brain does not flow correctly, which is not picked up on brain scanners, meaning I pick up on every terrorist attack done to Robert Mitchell Livingston and report it to The United States of Americas Pentagon. Scanning the brain just tells you verbatim what is going on, but gives no indication if someone else steered the dynamo rolling of their brain to roll to another part of the brain changing what thoughts occur. Let us repeat this one more time, use of Neural technology on United States of America citizens that can in no way defend themselves but just have to go with what the puppet gods steer them to do is terrorism.