As a lightless monster floats around in deep space, an Earth vessel appears as if a whaling ship to attack the monster swimming peacefully between Galaxies. As the ship destroys the monster, taking away its advanced particle that it had made with its body, leaving its corpse for the deep space vultures.

As the monster dies, its soul swimming out of its body, it looks back at the deep space fishing vessel, as monsters far bigger then the baby swam around it invisible as they collect the soul. The monsters say to the young monster:

Older Monsters: Your family has been sucking in particle in this deep space region, passing on particle to their young, carried in your heart, mind, and bones are particle from your ancestors, taking them millennia to suck in the amounts of low level particle found in the particle that would not be there if life was not present to pull them in . For giving this civilization particle that took generations for your family to harvest, propping up another civilization in your fall, the ancestors of this region of space give you an upgraded particle body from our civilization in return.

Advent Guard Note: The young civilizations did not know that life pulls in low level particle into their atoms, filling them as life goes on. This particle flows in through the magnetic field from the brain, and during death can flow out to those the mind is most attached too magnetically, usually love ones, or if away from loves ones long enough the nearest person who is around long enough. Young civilizations never know or realize until to late that their very atoms are made out of a filled with fuel and particle from life that came before to pull in that particle as they lived. To an alien race, Earth is a field of clams filled with pearls about to spill out everywhere they are so full to overflowing. They do not realize that human life birthed on Earth before life had occurred but with life capable on the planet would not have resulted in the life we have on Earth now. Because the advanced beings such as people would not have had the low level particle in their particle to fuel more cognitive thinking. Things such as Adderall would have nothing to burn in the person and be far less effective, their imaginations would not be able to light up because their brains would not have the particle fuel, just flows of electrons as if old time street lights that are more murky then modern lights.

As The Head General of The United States of America watched another shipment of advanced particle arrive stealthed from another planet to The United States of America, he watches as his team shows him the low level particle instantly leak out of it and flow into The Head General of The United States of Americas mind before it even landed because his mind was so much more powerful then all minds around him. As his scientists celebrate, harvesting lower level particle to use, but knowing that the lower particles were already drained.

The Head General of The United States of America jumps into his brain as he slams his desk into the wall in his virtual reality, as his tears the virtual world to shreds around him. As he puts it in the trash, starting over again to find a way to save all citizens of The United States of America, he screams at his people, the best of the best of The United States of America. As he makes them think they are the worst, they start to walk away as they think they will be replaced.

As he locks their ways out of the virtual world, he gets back to work, as he says:

The Head General of The United States of America: Keep who you are. All of you.

As he gets back to work on the virtual world, trying to find a way to save every United States of America citizen, even over a hundred years ago. As his team flows back in behind him, getting back to work.

Head General of The United States of America: We start with and keep the important things.

He says as they set out to ground themselves in the reality around them, something they had learned with time to make the virtual world real. Their grounded technique was to repeat who they were to the others. The basics, as they built the wonderous world around them so far away from their people, they worked, saying things such as:

Susan: Susan, Tennessee, Mom Debra.

No mention of grades, or why they belonged in the true alpha, because that was not true alpha.

Steve: Steve, Montana, Father, Mother, Brother, Sister….

He said their names as he worked, filled with enough power in his brain to power planets, as he tried to figure out a way to save The United States of America, which kept breaking apart in all their simulations, no matter how many times or how they worded the simple thing they all had learn from their times in The United States of Americas government: The United States of America = Family. And they weren’t going to let these rich little cunts and assholes take down everything The United States of America has given so much to defend, not only themselves but everyone on Earth that they could.