As the Armed Forces Spy leads The United States of America government agent into the task force room he says to them all:

Armed Forces Intelligence Spy: Another example of another Ivy league person who really understands our citizens and deserves to be in The United States of America Life agency.

He says as he leaves, the new agent looks at the screens in the room, guessing at what was going on as he joins in:

United States of America government agent: So were making another citizen snap so we can throw it away and forget about it?

He says as he looks over the boards. A police officer on the task force says to him:

Police Officer: O so you have done this before? Then you probably know way more about this then me, thank god we brought you into consult on this case. What do you think we should do next?

United States of America government agent: Well seems like we should just keep it up, and he will snap enough that our agents will be protected by whatever we make Robert Mitchell Livingston do while they remain silent. Then we throw him away and have an excuse to keep him on heavy psychotics so he cannot defend himself and our agents can just steer the conversation away from anything he says.

Police Officer: Oh great idea!

The police officer says as he gets up with several other agencies as the man continues to talk about and laugh about the last person he did it to along with other government agents in The United States of America while having United States of America positions. As the man laughs, his face gets smashed into the table as the task force takes him down, able to connect him with all the other government agents that were on the case with him at those times.