As the leader of the Navy seals floats down on his spy body on top of Safeways, he cracks as a beer as be pulls out a lawn chair, setting out his line that lands on top of Robert Mitchell Livingstons head as he takes a sip, sitting invisibly directly on top of the sign.

As The Navy Seal makes the bait more enticing, the police, FBI, Homeland Security and all the agencies that had joined in say together:

Task Force: We count over a thousand non government people that would kill our citizens for money, moving around our country and doing anything to our people for money, just in this area alone. How many people have these people killed around our country that the lower levels of the government did not notice….

Armed Forces: In just the last several decades, in the millions, directly dead because of people similar to those around Robert Mitchell Livingston right now.

The task force said through Robert Mitchell Livingston as they go silent again, saying one more time:

Task Force: Each use of neural technology on United States of America citizens regardless of how it is justified, is a base 10 year prison sentence. To do in an organized manner, across The United States of America, those people are looking at life. Maybe some will change though… And mean it.

As The Leader of The Armed Forces spies of The United States of America steps into the minds of all his top spies, as the lower level spies try to start world war 3 and enslave all their citizens, but then hid it after they got caught, but forget that the Armed Forces remembers very clearly when millions of their citizens die…. As he says to them:

Head Spy Of The United States of America Armed Forces: Say with me to the lower level agents….

He coughs, preparing himself.

Head Spy of The United States of America: GA DURRRRRRRRRR. The head spies of The United States of America stupidddddddddd. All of these government and public people just contniue to terrorize our citizens on United States of America soil as long as they hide it and change our laws or government that our citizens cannot even participate in. No one cares about the truth, reality, or facts in The United States of America government, WE ALL KNOWWW THAT.

As the spies of The United States of America get their stupid faces on, they head back into to talk to the lower levels of The United States of Americas government.

Homeland Security: In just a single year from now, if anyone in The United States of America government purposefully used neural technology to trigger birds to chirp exactly at the point of thoughts forming, so the person they are attacking cannot think while everyone else is fine and does not notice because the bird chirps are not timed exactly with their thought formations, then putting doctors on Robert Mitchell Livingstons team to direct the conversation against him when those doctors know for a fact what is happening and still falsely medicate Robert Mitchell Livingston knowing he is pointing out and explaining something very logically but instead calls it illogical and then talks the other doctors into severe anti-psychotics that obliterate the minds imagination the largest part of who Robert Mitchell Livingston is which then causes massive problems for Robert Mitchell Livingston insuring his life stays and continues to get fucked up, will be a 10 year prison sentence, with very little debate from the judge, for just one chirp on United States of America soil in that manner. Upwards to life in prison if the person who commits the crime is apart of The United States of Americas government. But sure, lets keep playing children.

FBI: Judges can go to prison, maybe we need a new case to remind judges of that….

Police: Terrorism: Using as many people as possible around the victim they are murdering so that they can use herd immunity against the police to not be caught, or use a massive amount of small hits together as a team until they lead the person to death, or using a continuous flow of people against their victim to cover up that a crime was committed because it was commited by hundreds of people over years as they all rotate around the country and fade away from what they did as another team member shows up ( Police cannot figure this out without federal help, so these terrorists can kill any citizen and get away with it because the suspects change and rotate so much its impossible to detect when your only looking at a single city or area and not the whole country ). When 60% of the people involved are their causing something in an organized manner, then work together to stay silent and create a false story against their victim. Also when the person points out what is occurring, because the police do not have an example they will automatically side with the doctor or think something mental when they are completely fine, then sending the victim into the hands of doctor and other people that are on the same team, as they had moved in and taken over some of those jobs too. Literally able to cover up and commit any crime, and have the people who are supposed to protect our citizens help murder them….. Those people are looking at going to Guantanamo Bay.