Created by The Galaxy Universe government for birthing. The monster lining wall surrounding the babies in the uterus keeps the rich people who make it to immortality off the back of their citizens as if slaves from trying to escape because they realizes their citizens are mad at them for being slaves, so they instead just leave the country and planet that helped them grow. The monster cage was built after the Galaxy Universe realized that during birthing, most rich people once they enslave their citizens will either kill all of them and or ressurect them with whatever memories they want the slaves to have, or just leave if they cannot kill them all and take over the planet to do with it what they want without having to listen to the citizens. This allows for birth to occur, because the rich people do not then take with them the entire real history of the planet, leaving the citizens on the planet with a made up history curated by the rich and government, leaving the citizens with no chance of success, until the rich people come back and wipe them out after giving them thousands of years to try, but they fail because of what the rich and government did to them, so then they get blamed for it as the rich come back and take over their planet because the people are unqualified to rule themselves, continuing slavery forever into the future.

The monster cage is a ring of beings who live in space where all energy is absorbed, the monsters see by feeling with their eyes which directions electrons and energy are going instead of being absorbed and sensed in their eyes, to create a visual image.

Advent Guard Note: The civilizations that owns this Galaxy Universe would give birth to civilizations not single beings. Are idea of birth is wrong when thinking about the Universe, the Universe births massive groups of living life not single beings such as gods.