FBI, HOMELAND SECURITY, ARMED FORCES INTILLEGENCE, CIA, as they watch rich people from the government try to literally hand rich scientists the idea of the Universe, while Robert Mitchell Livingston did it all by himself, and these rich people just cover it up and try to hand it to rich people….


FBI, HOMELAND SECURITY, ARMED FORCES INTILLEGENCE, CIA: The other countries all already agreed to go with Robert Mitchell Livingston, meaning these rich government people are literally trying to start world war 3 by handing rich people these ideas because they have pieces of paper from private colleges as if our citizens meant nothing…. As if all the countries of Earth care not all about their citizens futures…. Well this is going to hurt.

Said the swat team monitoring a rogue group of United States of America government agents and public people trying to bring the world into another age, as The United States of America is going with the person they chose and made clear who it was, Robert Mitchell Livingston, to inspire all citizens of all countries. As the sweat burst in, instantly taking control from the upgraded neural people, as they all cut off their cloud minds, as they went to only what could run on their brain without any outward particle flowing in or out from anything wireless as they locked their brains down.

As they reached for their nuclear firearms, the NAVY seal in the front says:

Navy Seal Leader: Good.

He says as he fires, blasting away their bodies, which had already popped up over a trillion points of un-reality, where the people they had just taken offline were connected to so many people and playing with them, as they went offline, all of those people started to have problems, errors, as that connection shut off. Some could not find their ways back they had been played with so much, as the team of Elite United States of America soldiers from all agencies and departments moved in, clearing The United States of America of these people, or fixing/helping dependent of who it was.

Navy Seal Leader: We did not actually want to take any of you in.

He says as the room clears, their bodies dust and their entire room just craters of ash.