Just as long ago on Earth, when people from classified cities did not want to leave their cities because of the barbarians all around them, kings and queens who killed and raged wars, while classified cities thrived with life and sciences, in the Universe we live in the classified teams wait…

Long ago when the Universe classified left their hidden Universe Solar-System inside of this Universe, the person shined so bright every predator within the Universe could see it.

He was an alpha, working at the center of their teams rolling dynamos:

At the very center of their Universe, the most energy they could produce would flow through it and their bodies within.

So his body was used to having so much electron and energy of all types pour through him as he worked with the other alpha and omega members, that as he left the classified city, floating towards the Universe Star, the energy flowed through him like a light bulb growing bright and brighter as he neared the star.

But long ago was different…. As monsters the sizes of galaxies and solar-systems that could sense light produce by living beings just as sharks could smell blood floated towards the person who stared wide eyed at the star, finally free from the classified city… He had no idea why they stayed in it….

As the monsters attacked, lucifer fought, as heaven grew more and more, lucifer took down beast after beast in the Universe. His light shining bright, as monsters tried to suck him dry, but he just pulled in more from the Universe star.

Lucifer: HELP!!!!!!! I see why we made heaven!!!!!

He screams as he heads back towards home, which has already moved to the other side of the Universe, hidden even from him…. The Universe gave no sign…. No hint that it was stealthed there, because the beings within had seen things as classified saw on Earth just they saw the same all around the Universe, so they turtled just as the teams did on Earth.

As the monsters and demons died down, Lucifers advanced body able to take them all on, as he Lucifer learned to control them and eventually tame them. He realized the Universe was his….

It was not until later that Lucifer realized his fear… his anger for the monsters as he was alone, had made him into a monster himself, a monster passed a monster, because he realized none of the monsters could kill him so his fear and anger of them was misplaced. He never even tried to use his power to communicate and talk to the monsters, sense they could not possibly harm him, so he had infinity to try, yet he never did. So from monsters, came the word devil and hell.

Heaven was hidden, only monsters and hell raged. As Lucifer built across the Universe building hell which was his teams version of Heaven because it was full of energy, taking the burning planets and gas giants that Lucifer had made to produce the most energy and power from the Universe, as his alpha team had taught him… But they had not taught him much more, energy was their god and heaven.

As heaven rained down and the fires died away so life could grow, hell was pushed to the centers of dynamos and stars, so space could allow things to shine. Because when it is all hell, nothing shines.

When his family again talked to Lucifer, who had known only energy production and then endless monsters, he had become something they had never seen before. As all of their Life and Life-Code scientists began to bridge the gap between Lucifer and themselves, discovering all the new Life and Life-Code between him and them as they calculated and simulated both, finding the connections, and then branching off to find even more new Life and Life-Code.

Advent Guard Note: Our Solar-System is supposed to shine, not go empty space and full stealth. While The Armed Forces may hide their Universes with stealth, The Life Sources shines doing the apposite of hiding.

First comes hell, after heaven, because while hell rages heaven is just beginning to be created as it turtles to protect itself long enough to make heaven, while hell rages around the turtle, until the turtle surpasses the devil and can bring order to all of hell.

After Heaven is built, monsters cannot be forgotten, as the beings of Heaven realize they must build a Universe of monsters instead of killing them before they can evolve, so races similar to Earths people can thrive. Similar to the dinosaurs dying office so other life forms could even survive on the planet. However what if the monsters that could never evolve because they kill themselves got help evolving to heaven? What if someone put time into monsters… And as they controlled the Universe, they set out to let monsters safely evolve as they had, getting more Life and Life-Code they never would have figured out without letting life grow.