As the great Universe whale swims through Universes smaller then it, eating them whole, as it swam around the Universe Galaxy star.

The Whale, aligned with no Universe and dating back to the creation of this Universe Galaxy, would swim out into the dark before seeing a glimpse of light, as it feeds making it to the next light. The whale functions as a bee and pollen, while the Universes want to birth or grow their own societies, if the whale blesses your Universe by visiting, it takes living beings from the Universe as it leaves for another, the only chance most beings will have to reach another Universe for a very long time, until their society can accomplish it. On its back, as if the turtle of the world, it holds civilizations growing upon it from every Universe around this Universe Galaxy, is it moves. Because the whale at this time period is the only creature that can move between Universes, the civilizations upon the whale grow past any Universe, as if pollen from every Universe in our Universe Galaxy grows flowers and life up on the whale. Its great mind is used to store the memories of those on it, protected by all on it as if god itself, because their brain files are saved upon the whales brain.

This would be the most powerful civilization in our Universe Galaxy, until a civilization completely takes over a Universe and builds it.

Advent Guard Note: The infinite that causes the scales to tip back and forth, Nature, advancements, Nature, advancements. For the natural occurring life forms on the steps above us would always be more powerful naturally then we could be using all advancements from below, until we advanced to their level.