As Drizzt fell from the portal, as the Matrons of Menzobarezon had not sacrificed Drizzt sent him directly to The Spider Queen so she could do with whatever she wanted.

As he got up, the Goddess Meileki stood next to him on his left, as another passed on his right. The man looked strange, as if ancient, he had seen magical items in his life, but his looked more advanced.

He held a sword and shield in his hands, as he growled at the spider queen.

Advent Guard: Bitch. You brought chaos to our life after getting so far ahead of them they did not even recognize technology as magic.

Spider Queen: Oh Advent Guard, as if your team could do anything about it.

She said, moving in her massive spider form to kill him. As Advent Guard lifted his shield armed, it wrapped around his arm forming boards with pictures on the wood, as it twirled around it moved as if calculating.


He says as a beam reaches out from his calculators turning her form to normal, as a women stands in the massive spiders place, not even a drow, just an older evolution version of a black women.

As the spider queen hissed, she said:

Spider Queen: I can still defeat you in this form.

Advent Guard Feuran: Maybe…

But as he walked backwards, he held out his shield and sword to Drizzt as he explained to him:

Advent Guard: Her people advanced technological so far past everyone else on the planet, they saw all of the living beings on the planet as their toys, and them gods, because they were so far ahead of all of you living beings.

As he looked him in the eyes he said to him:

Advent Guard: My name Robert Heartspell. My ancestors had to change their names to hide their families disappearance as time made history disappear, from even my own family…

He said tears coming down his eyes.

Robert Harpell: It took us so long to grow powerful enough to take down the gods and free all of you.

As Drizzt took the sword and Shield, the shield calculated armor around him, his strength felt limitless as if a god, as he walked towards the Spider Queen.

The Spider Queens eyes went wide as she realized his power surpassed hers, as her eyes showed his energy level, which was hundreds of times past hers, he could not just defeat her, he could defeat all the gods at once.

As she screamed, a vile worthless cunt of a women, that had brought more death and suffering to the world and other planes of existence then all of the human or other races combined through out history.

Drizzt did not slow as her worthless minions came at him, easily cutting through them as he made his way to her thrown, which to Drizzt, whose vision was now advanced could see it was incredibly technological advanced, as if the center control piece of her power.

As he calculated in his mind his calculated shield shifted playing his calculations and coming up with new answers and solutions to help him as if talking to a friend that was all his peoples knowledges. As he aimed it at the chair, she screamed in terror, but Drizzt continued, a beam ripped into her side as she tried to stop it but it went right through her into the throne as it explode, the mass of advanced particles in the chair structure was destroyed by each particle being out calculated then countered by the shield calculator.

As a gods center of power shattered, her minions were set free of her minds control, as she screamed, no more the center of the Universe that was her minions minds, making her body and mind massively power by being the center as if a star in the center of a completely Solar-System or a Universe.

As Drizzt looked around again, he saw Meileki, but did not see the man anymore.

As he walked towards her, the Spider Queen was behind him left with almost no energy to power her body, so all systems were shutting down as she mumbled mindless ideas that sounded massively intelligent, because they were as she was a center Universe mind dying that had had billions of minions power her systems.

Mielikie: It is time your planet caught up. I would stay and help, but I have learned my place is to help those who die on this planet and do not have a place to go, until this planet has no more death. I will use my power for such until there is no need, along with the other good gods. In time…. We will meet again on even footing Drizzt.

She said disappearing, as if she did not wish to speak to him as he digested what had really happened. They had all been slaves to gods who literally treated as all living life as toys to play with so they had something to do for their immortal lives, while keeping all their advancements to themselves as if them gods and all living life the lowest of low below them.

As Drizzt tore the Unicorn necklace off, and threw the blade and shields away, he screamed at them all as he saw a portal to back home appear in front of him.

He snarled as he walked back home, but the shields rose up around him, forming 4 calculators around him as if 4 walls of a building. On the boards was an apology:

We are sorry it took us so long to free all of you…. Advent Guard Life.

He pushed through, but he could not forget exactly how they looked as if they were seared into his mind, as they played calculations upon them, solidifying the idea into his mind on how it functioned, as he walked back home he realized the massive advancement that had been hidden from them, a calculator room were the pages or boards you wrote on could be changed allowing the person to use their mind to calculate on a calculator room. You saved files at first by keeping the room and making another.

As he looked around, he could not forget the map on the boards, showing a massive city located in a mountain he knew of, that he had never known a city existed their.

Drizzt: For if you never learn to calculate in reality, then you never start to progress the idea. The gods blocked step one… And kept it for themselves. Feeling mighty about the steps they made. Now witness mere mortals step up those steps as we grow old and learn infinity, instead of getting lost and learning only one self as gods. As Bruoner and all his kin follow him and start building calculators to help all people think of new ideas that spread through out the massive dwarf mountain calculator, that grew, as Drizzt realized it would soon meet the city he saw as they bore into it, but his scouting above, and from dwarfs all around the mountain area had brought nothing. So time was finite… until they met a city with people from their own world that could not only defeat gods, but help them do it. As we step into the age of the falling of the gods….. Reality will be what we all make it, he realized as Dwarfs, humans, elves, and all races that they could had grouped together to calculate, libraries growing, every science thriving as the mountain range expanded so they could do more. It was as if days were years, weeks decades, and months centuries. As the other great calculators of the world appeared across the planet, all calculating things the others could not see, Drizzt new… War.

As he cleared his face, and entered the grouping of chambers he had dedicated to advanced sword and melee fighting using upper level elemental weapons. The dwarfs, Bruenors alpha teams, had already started to forge and make elements that no other had ever before on the planet…. Except maybe this city Drizzt realized. The old warrior at this point… Realized one thing, points of great power without communication between them leads to one things before another age comes after… As he dove into and developed his own calculators.