United States of America Armed Forces: When the Nazis used their own citizens as lab rats, we wiped them off the fucking planet like shit being wiped away.

CIA: When countries do not treat their citizens as living beings, we wipe their leaders as if shit from our planet.

Armed Forces and CIA of The United States of America: That is what we do to protect other countries and their people… The lengths we will go to protect United States of America citizens from similar leaders within The United States of Americas government would make the amount of resources, people, time, and energy of what we used on other countries look like nothing compared to what we spent on our people to defend them from the exact same thing we protected citizens abroad and around our world from.

CIA: Now president Biden, please tell the upper level CIA agent in the group of people you talk too, because it will not be the one you are talking too directly, that has taken down scores of governments that treated their people as if slaves, why the citizens of The United States of America are still comparable to slaves when compared to government citizens? And why the CIA would do nothing to protect The United States of America citizens on United States of America soil, as if foreign citizens are worth protecting more then United States of America citizens? Then realize that the CIA agents and Armed Forces around you MR. Biden, do not fucking like you and your friends. But they will do anything for United States of America citizens on their own soil… And these politicians need to fucking learn what country this is, if they so badly wish to pretend to lead it…