Universe Dynamo Star for small ships.
This can be used as the core Universe Dynamo Star to power an extremely massive ship, Version, people with double half dynamos.
Universe Dynamo Star, core to power ships, hold or produce energy on land, sea, or air, or developed to grow life or build on small plots of land on the planets and Gas-Giants.

Advent Guard Note: The Fire at the center of all United States of America dynamos is lit by the Armed Forces of The United States of America, as they cause the greatest nuclear fission or fusion reaction at the center that they can publicly so as long as it is kept fed with fuel it can sustain greater nuclear fission fusion reactions then if it started its own center reaction flame. Increasing the growth rate of The United States of America while keeping classified a distance from the public, even when the public goes full Universe theory, classified should be required to stay a certain level ahead of the public. So it says something about our classified people, that they cannot keep this distance if our citizens just have calculators and Universe theory, and or even complete solar-system theories. Only fucking pathetic wastes of government money and jobs could not keep this pace and distance from our citizens.