All United States of America citizens are allowed access to all of the different major states of mind to further their lives themselves, and rethink everything in their brain from different states of mind such as Adderall which allows for the person to accomplish things they never would without access to that state of mind easily and readily as all United States of America government agents have gotten access to for decades to improve their own personal lives and improve their own careers in ways that would never have occurred without access to these other states of mind.

Advent Guard Note: Again as I have been saying with using government apps for our country, we could have all states citizens come up with 50 states of minds so everyone is interested, and therefore motivated to help develop those into the future together unless we think of betters ones and switch, so our country has 50 major states of mind being developed that all states can utilize as they share.

Head General of The United States of America: It is nice to know which of government people thought that they only deserved these things and that our citizens did not, for whatever reason. Thank those people for their service, they are dismissed from my forces.