Supports added around the houses support a group house above the houses that all the houses can use, as if each house had access to a loft above their houses, along the landing above the houses could be connected all the way through every neighbor hood that it touches, so that you can walk above free from any traffic, and even extend to reach every local business that is close. Elevator on walking floor would have a key card that can only be used by the people who own the houses below, allowing for freerer movement of people traffic through out cities. The main elevator shaft has to be re-enforced, so adding another smaller section that reaches farther would be possible from a house engineering stand point. Allowing our citizens to reach to the maximum number before repeats, 9. This would be far easier on houses that are built close together, though the idea should hold with variation for most neighborhoods.

Robert Mitchell Livingston: My imagination is not currently open for discussion with medications that destroy it, unless it benefits the last part I like about myself and the largest portion of who I consider I am, my imagination. It is not my fault I have to explain to my doctors how these medications work but am ignored every time because I do have a piece of a paper and am on slave insurance. I should not have to explain to my own doctors about how medications or certain brain types and people function on them. People with mental issues are not considered as real people in The United States of America, and are completely ignored in treatment other then lobotomized until they agree because they are not giving any real choices.