As the Air Force of The United States of America listened to The eye of the tiger over their team channel, finally over their drop zone. Sure, they could have driven in all the supplies, but The Air Force was in charge of this one. As they started to rain down near in a center ling along tornado alley, as they started to test out their plan, building a channel to funnel and trigger all tornadoes in the whole tornado alley and produce energy from them. So the citizens that lived their could buy houses that sit safely next to massive tornados that go past their houses down the channel.

They had waited to long, their public had gotten weak, and it was The Armed Forces of The United States of America to teach how to lead, as The Head General of The United States of America began to gave orders down and up the channel as they dug into the ground with massive bulldozers dropped in from theirs biggest planes. Again they could have had them driven in, but this was The United States of America Air Force.

As they dug in, starting to build all the necessary parts in other teams from what they had brought. As a teams started to build run ways for planes along the channel for future deliveries that would be far less dramatic.

Their Head Scientist Robert Mitchell Livingston and his friends in The United States of America Air Force had come up with a plan to build all the different ways to pull air and create air force, turbines, fans, bang fans, and testing out everything else they could, as they tried to start tornadoes by pushing all air down the channel, with an air dam at the end to turn the air force into energy and negate the wind, so the wind hopefully does not have an effect on another area around the planet. Then work from that point with all countries to figure out if they had messed up any air pressure around the planet before trying out a new way.

United States of America Air Force blimp. Crew quarters are above and below this mid section view.