As the worthless iron men and women get ejected from NASAs main classified city, their armor ripped to shreds from the force of the wind from NASAs main Universe, as their worthless upgraded bodies hit the ground outside, able to survive, but they would all have one hell of a time making it to the nearest big city hundreds of miles away from classified facility.

NASA scientists and engineers: We only care about the first United States of America citizen that makes an iron man or women in the public, we have seen enough over the decades from classified people. We cant give away classified, it will ruin the ability for our people to imagine in their own directions instead of us leading the ways we want them to go. But if we focus our scientists on one full particle calculator room, we could release the first version out to the public without releasing ang classified information, which also be able to do most of the surgeries that are impossible, and cure almost anything by being able to grasp and destroy or alter anything in the body. Our scientists have to for NASAs first dynamo and universe ships, so just as NASA has released technology in the past this will be one of the main ones we need to focus the lower levels of NASA. The technology will be required for crew spaces on the ships, and also be required for our research scientists, a full room calculator that can control all matter inside.