As the old priest who was gifted a classified angel body so he could continue to progress religions for The United States of America, floats around Sacred heart, watching his hospital die and loose what it is.

The Angel, moving in anger at what this world had become, as if all the teachings he had learned his whole life meant nothing, as evil flourished. The angel grabbing his spear of destiny, created by the highest level armorers of The Armed Forces and gifted to the priest along with the angel body to better be the symbol he wished to be.

As he flies to Cheney, having watched every family in the area sense most of their births, he slams down in front of the house Robert Mitchell Livingston was in as he slams his spear through a classified government agent standing invisibly in front playing with Robert Mitchell Livingstons mind. As the great priests wings reached out he grabbed the persons soul pulling it from his body.

As he turns, an upper level CIA agent aims a rifle that shoots nuclear bullets at the priest as he says:

CIA lower level government of The United States of America: Live through this you worthless priest, I have wanted to do this for a long time.

As he opens up on the priest with upper stage nuclear bullets that should of ripped into particle dust.

The Priest, grabbing his spear, as he walks toward the CIA agent, his shield flaring as the priest says:

The Angel of Spokane: My team in The United States of America you would not refer to as smart or intelligent as yours, we went the elemental route, we kept everything from history and built it while your team advanced as far as they could and forgot history.

He says as his shield pops, but his armor holds, as it was made from the the most upper level element the alpha and omega teams of The United States of America Armed Forces particle forgers could make.

As the CIA agent, showing no shock outwardly, but freaking out in his mind tries to run, the angel leaps on him smashing his spear through his chest as his wings pull the mans soul from him into The United States of America afterlife.

As the Angel, walking invisibly on the electron layer, but glowing on every other level of existence walks back to the house Robert Mitchell Livingston is in as he begins to pace back and forth as if a guard.

Boards started to appear on both sides of him that shifted with the angels thoughts as he began to work on Advent Guard Life for The United States of America and how it ties into the future of religion for their citizens.