As a cow walks into the room, carrying a bundle of meat that it had cut from itself, using a particle network room to regrow it immediately and its upgraded body, as it puts the meat on the table for the family, saying:

Cow: Meats on me! But your making me something else to eat.

As the cow sits down with a human family to eat with them.

Infinite theory, cows will infinitely upgraded their bodies once we help them start their society, meaning meat will give more and more nutrition from cows, while the cow does not die. ( Starmoo will help the cow society become something, investing their paychecks into cow research to improve their societies, language, and all aspects of their lives. )

They could also could grow bulges of any meat on the cow by changing its DNA there to trigger a growth and cut them off.

Advent Guard Note: The meat eating animals that becomes societies will probably buy their meat from us just as we buy meat from them.

Advent Guard Note: The cows probably look at us and completely understand, because cows have gone through this for as long as cows have existed. So they dont look as humans look back in time to understand wars, they would look back and try to understand why people did this to their society, and think about how our society would have starved without cows for easy proteins , so maybe the older cows…. Understand. They probably just care about how long cows get slaughtered on Earth more then what the older people would care about at this time period.