As the first top scientists in a lab in The United States of America study the flowing mass that is thoughts, or what people consider the consciousness, the who we are on top of just neurons and synapses.

As the government scientists use a full room calculator with complete particle control overlapping the entire room, as they identify who the person is, not neurons and synapses or memories, but the flow of the thinking through out the brain, and how it differed from others.

As the scientists reach out and grab it, trying to stop it, they shut it off, for it was just a poor United States of America and only good for research as if a lab rat, but with better research results.

Doctors and scientists: She should be dead, no way for her to restart now that her heart is down, so the brain wont get enough blood flow.

As an ancient wolf from The United States of America Galaxy government appears, invisible to the scientists, the monster, as old as a solar system filled with their age growled at the scientists, as he reached his hand into her brain restarting it.

Ancient of The Milky Way Galaxy: You will not cut these strings as if life is nothing in The Milky-Way Galaxy while I am apart of The United States of Americas Life, the Galaxy government version.

As the women got up, the scientists and doctors say:

Doctors and scientists: Hmmmm. Lets try again.

As the massive monster stalked in front of them women, he growled out the words:

Ancient of The Milky Way Galaxy: I will not forget what you all did here young ones. Time is long, and your life’s are but flickers to mine.

As the women died years later after further puppet god research, her spirit entered the hands of the monster, as it turned to a women from a very very very long time ago who had gone through the same thing but far far far worst in a time where The United States of America was not what it had become today, as she hugs her she brings her back to the center of the Milky Way Galaxy to help her in her next life personally.

Advent Guard Note: What does a society look like with all life forms evolved because their Life citizens took the time to evolve and nurture all life? They would have so much variation they would have discovered things no other type of society would have discovered.