As the Life and Life-code teams of The Milky Ways Galaxy government start to appear around Earths solar-system, the leaders of every race of life.

Every animal, race, or life form, that has every been birthed in The Milky Way Galaxy, The Life and Life-Code teams make into advanced races. This started as a way to discover new technology, as each animal type brought to the point of an advanced society always produces new technology that the other life-forms would never imagine or create. Then it turned into a team that dedicates themselves to the growing of all Life in The Milky Way Galaxy.

As animals that had gone extinct millions of years ago on Earth appear, their leaders so old their age would fill solar-systems, as they show Earth that the people race of Earth will not enslave all life on Earth for personal gains and only the growth of the people race on Earth.

The Life and Life-Code teams of The Milky Way Galaxy create societies brimming with life. Children just have to learn about Universe wars, that last so long the number would fill a Universe, with so many dead the number would fill Universes. And yet babies always head towards war until they learn that anyone or government that causes wars is a terrorist to The Milky Way Galaxies Life because it stifles life and heads the societies towards hell as war fills their minds and corrupts their citizens along with everyone in The Universe.