When our citizens can only see the tail, then the serpents must have something to hide, for they do let up anyone else as if stairs, but instead a slippery slope that sends any citizen back down to the bottom. Literally making a stair case to the top only them and their friends can go up, as they push any citizens down to slide back down if they try so they only ever see the tail and continue to believe the lies for they have not seen the fangs to know the tail they stand on is not as good as they think, but a vile serpent reaching up off their backs. Hating when patients or citizens that are not doctors try to learn, have opinions, or add to the medical field, leads to a society that knows little about health care so they will literally listen to anything the doctor says and go with it. As the decades go by this increases, until doctors just ignore their patients and do whatever they want because citizens are unqualified to even talk about it so they therefore can be ignored. Leads to Solar-System war 1. In no scenario can a citizen even start world war 3, unless the government let or made it happen, in every scenario world war 3 starts because of government people because they will all have neural technology in the next decades to literally do whatever they want with our minds and we will have no defense against it because none of the lower classes will be upgraded except the few the government keeps to suck them dry of ideas they would not think of until they are done with it and kill it. In absolutely no scenario are the citizens a threat at this day and age, when the government has neural technology, meaning the government is just playing with every United States of America citizen as if we are not even apart of our own country at all unless they are rich or apart of the government. Meaning the government is purposefully making our citizens look bad to protect violent government terrorists by re-directing blame on our citizens that needed help because they count as sub-people to The United States of America so they are disposable like trash.

If The Armed Forces of Earth do not step up to our governments and protect the citizens of their countries, then neural technology will lead the extinction of lower class people on planet Earth within the next decades as we enter world war 3 as the rich get upgraded and the poor fall farther behind completely un-able to catch up, luckily all the lower class will be dead or their brains will be wiped as their bodies do what their masters tell them too so they wont have to live on the planet anymore with these violent government terrorists infecting our governments like a plague.

Doctors will be the main people will control of our minds when we have neural technology, however doctors do no live in our reality, so as decades pass they become farther and farther detached from the reality of The United States of Americas citizens, however their opinions determine and control everything as if our citizens are not. So the first time a citizen shows any pain or suffering, the rich doctor who has never felt pain or suffering immediately just kills the person to stop them because they do not like it. As doctors get farther and farther from our citizens, talking to themselves and not our citizens, they create their own pocket society within our society, that controls everything, while being completely detached from the reality of The United States of America. Which makes our citizens realize what is happening, and the second they try to defend themselves against organized terrorists, the doctors just play with their minds until they stop or make them kill themselves, or do something so they can throw them away like trash in a cell that they do not deserve. As their pocket society starts going faster, their society becomes completely detached from the reality of The United States of America, as the doctors cannot be touched or talked too, so the citizens slow die or get brainwashed until they are not alive and just do their slave work. Leading to the death of the entire lower classes of Earth, creating a slave class and ruling class that does not even see the citizens as the same race anymore.

In almost no scenario do the lower classes survive these next decades as the ruling class gets control of neural technology. In most of history the lower classes are puppet godded completely as if their minds and themselves are not real, as the upper classes get farther ahead they simply just kill all slaves so they have more room on the planet because they think it is theirs and that the slaves don’t even deserve to be on the planet. Only delusional people in The United States of America government think the citizens are of any danger, because no one will admit in The United States of America government what the government did, so the slaves get blamed because The United States of America leaders are children that cover up everything and get away with because and I quote , DO YOU SEE MY GOVERNMENT BADGE. In no scenario does the lower class survive these next decades from the rich, unless their is other intelligent life to lead the way, the rich would in almost all scenarios wipe out the poor in mass after taking over their minds and playing with them until they got bored.

Advent Guard Note: What else is hidden in our life and life code to help guide us the correct way? I wonder if the idea of the sword and shield government teams, which our government would have used in reality too before, should be owned and controlled by one group of rich people. Meaning the entire planet cannot use one of the most simplistic, base ideas, of that of a sword and shield team, because one group of rich people will violently sue and murder anyone who gets in their companies way. I wonder if the real swords and shields of The United States of America have a problem with that? Just like Trump taking credit for The Space Forces, as if Trump actually had anything to do with it at all other then the fact that he was only using it as a boost to better make people follow and listen to him and it had no actual thought or caring of the future of The United States of America other then what Trump and friends would gain.

CIA: We think our government people and politicians need to take a second and realize that anywhere in Washington DC they are within at all times the range of an upper classified spy reading all minds and scanning for threats the lower levels of The United States of America do not understand and will not and cannot give us orders because it jeopardizes the safety of our people and soil. And then realize, the largest clump of upper ranking spies is in Washington DC, and these lower level government people to realize nothing is a secret from The Pentagon…

Pentagon: But we will play this game. Please. politicians tell us what all of you have to say while our spies remember how much pain, suffering, and death, a failure in leadership in The United States of America had caused to United States of America citizens for decades, and then realize a lot of those spies are not on our politicians sides just because they spent more money then the other people, or figured out a way to change and lie about their policies until enough voted for them as if that never happened.

Armed Forces: We never forget the past, because the past will never forget us. We are going forward in time with this thing called reality. Something our government people and politicians have completely forgot was an actual thing outside of their and their friends little bubble realities they call everyone’s reality. When you account for reality, why would any of our spies like our politicians as if our citizens are nothing? Do our politicians even know who are Armed Forces and intelligence agents are and what they stand for?

Head General of The United States of America: As a leader, if who you are changes with the all you are surround with, then it is as if that person stands for nothing, and should never lead until they learn to stand for something. For a good leader is a point to those who follow them, and a good leader learns from the point they have become, and sees dullness in the others, until they learn to to take the time to sharpen to a point all the others in thanks for making them a point.

The first step is to make all those who made the points into points, which leads to the second step of understanding how to be a leader, which we should not be able to understand until everyone has been made into a point too, so we all can think about what step 2 is and lead together to step 3, which step 3 must be when we all can lead together.