As Bulvark floats outside of our solar-system with the aliens from the Milky Way galaxy as they wait for planet Earth to be finished birthing, he continues the story of planet birthing in the Milky way Galaxy.

Bulvark: A long time ago, shrinks would be the last ones to say anything in court, have power over anyone’s life if they say something about them and their degree makes it impossible to fight back. As the centuries go by, shrinks understand the mind more and more, not explaining or sharing what they learned with their citizens. Until the shrinks had learned how to play with their citizens minds so much that they just made them do whatever they wanted. As the head shrink in the government takes over the neural connection, he or she understands brains so well that they learn that they can take full access from The Head Generals. As the only people the shrinks like are other shrinks, because they can no longer speak to citizens unless they are steering them to do what they want. This leads to one of the possible world wars in the 3 or 4 possible range.

As a therapist steps in front of Bulvark, he screams the way to defeat shrinks and stop them from murdering everyone on the planet: SHRINK YOU LITTLE FUCKING BITCHES AND ASSHOLES. YOUR BRAINS ARE SO INFLATED, THAT THEY NEED POPPED FOR WHAT THEY DID TO OUR CITIZENS.

As Bulvark smashes down on the shrink that had killed an entire planet with their friends. He spits on the corpse. As he gives an example of world war 3.

Bulvark: Notice how in no scenario do the citizens win or cause world war 3, sense no citizen has neural technology, just government people and rich people. Meaning at anytime numerous people in the government could just shut off their citizens with a switch. All of these rich people are fucking delusional to think in this modern age that the citizens are the problem, when the government has access to all their minds and advanced technologies are citizens have not even got a chance to understand or defend themselves against, as if the citizens are the threat, makes these government people completely fucking gone from reality. World War 3 happens with a bunch of rich government people taking control of our citizens minds, you would have to be completely delusional to think our citizens could do anything against our government at this technological age.

Bulvark: Together The Milky Way Galaxy births life inside of their Galaxy, using all they know from the past and that they have learned, to grow children that can go farther then anyone before in The Milky Way Galaxy. Sense we are such a young race on Earth it is easy for the surrounding galaxies to change their shape during birthing times so the electron we see is designed for us, so new planets can be raised as if they are alone in space and accomplish anything, instead of having other societies lead them directions. Logical deduction states that the surrounding galaxies are allied with ours because of this, because in reality they would be ancient races that can change their Galaxies to anything, meaning they slow during birthing and shape their electron for the birthing period when NASA and others look all around space so they see specific things to help grow a new planet into maturity. This means our entire Bang is United and allied, and probably looking to build the entire Bang next for their societies to make it to the next stage of Life before building everything else in the Universe solar-system we are in.