Way to use current rocket hardware to quickly progress the societies of Earth while working to more artistic versions of this base build which is tied into our societies propensity to use cylinder shaped rocket hardware, combining it all to create the main work horse of planet Earth for a decade until more artistic versions without cylinders become more prominent. This will occur after the dynamos in our solar system are gathered and hauled to the moon and newer ships are built in space using the resource.

This is a small space ship compared to what we will make after we bring the dynamos to the moon and finish a network to the Gas Giants to bring in Air elements, then planet Earth can start to make massive space ships or people made versions of planets using dynamo technology. I cannot wait to be apart of and see The United States of America main dynamo ship and what it will look like and be, and all the other countries unique Life and Life-Code dynamo builds in space.
One step to infinity. Step to the moon, and step to the next, for the next steps make up an infinite end. For what comes after our societies expand to an end, and those steps stop, as we find a new staircase to go up to another infinite end building our universe instead of expanding, as both stair cases continue to go up as infinite ends. However infinite without a stop to build more then stairs, then up they go without anything below as they build at the top, from a point standing on the bottom, for to stand on them all fully would mean they would get caught. But smaller and smaller, the stairs reach down to stand on our citizens, until the rich break off and float away, ignoring that they made all those steps to reach the top off of all of our citizens, as if their achievements matter when all of our citizens should have had a chance to achieve and reach into the future. So now citizens, let us take our solid bottom, and build up together, to reach farther then anyone before could reach on just standing on our citizens with just a point to hide that they stand on them all.