As a United States of America city is taken over by a puppet god, immediately the Armed Forces shifted their invisible space station above it as they surveyed the city.

6 Nuclear powered Heart Elite Soldiers grabbed their nuclear round rifles, they would not wait, immediately descending.

Commander: Shoot to kill, we don’t need people like this alive on our planet.

He said as they took over the minds of the people they passed as they moved towards the Red Bitch. As a soldier with his calculator room around his wrist, floating and calculating with his thoughts, he shifted it, calculating the proper energy levels to break The Red Bitches pathetic particle technology. As a beam reached out, The Red Bitches particles shifted over to the soldier, as the people they saved ran out.

As they move into the house firing as they saw here, a nuclear round made by the Top Scientists of The United States of America exploded with so much power in a 10 foot sphere that her front half ripped apart, as all 6 opened fire on The Red Bitch who dared Puppet god a United States of America city.