Over 50 upper level classified Pentagon officials that do not exist to our public sat in a classified meeting room below the Pentagon discussing the future of The United States of Americas people.

As they bickered, an upper level Navy Stood up and simply said:

Head Navy Seal: I have heard enough.

As he pulled his pistol, quickly taking out the 5 guards with weapons, as he holstered then snapped the neck of the nearest government agent.

Head Navy Seal: You people do not even live our citizens reality. And all of you think your worthless opinions matter. Get the fuck off our Planet and our soil.

He said as he continued to work his way around the room. The thing was, they were all so classified, no one was coming to help them. As several more United States of America Armed Forces entered the room, taking out everyone in the room that had been fully upgraded for decades, so everything they did was better then every citizen, the problem with these people was that they literally thought it was them that was better then all our citizens and had nothing to do with the modifications and enhancements provided by the engineers and scientists of The United States of Americas government.

As they take the mods from their bodies, absorbing the particle and putting it in bags, they spit on what is left of the corpses, saying:

Armed Forces: Thank you for your service.