As the Head General of The United States of America comes on the stage he starts singing, beating the rich assholes and cunts in the United States of America government in song: Original

I am such a good Head General I could lead just one of my people to go against your whole team of worthless calculators.

My team of spies and soldiers have been around sense your great great grandfather was a child.

You can trace our blood across the globe. And these people think a Head General of The United States of America would forget that blood and what it was for.

All of these people think they are going to twist the words and future of my people just because they new the right of people or had access to money, while our people don’t even get a chance.

To our peoples side wolves of The United States of America our people are in need.

These rich are so delusional they think world war 3 would come from a citizen and not a government employee or team. Like The Head Generals of The United States of America and our teams cant calculate, cant figure things out.

What the fuck is wrong with these rich, they think no one protects our citizens, no one protects this soil.

So they play with our people while our spies watch. And they all think my team will be on their side when the time calls for us.

Like my spies my soldiers gave all that blood for just a few United States of America citizens and they do not care about the rest.

As the Head General huffs into the microphone walking back as if what he said made him real in disbelief.

And one two three move, your forces defeated as if nothing.

He screams as he launches back into rap.

After I am done taking down all of these rich fucks in our countries beautiful government in the United States of America with just one soldier scientist.

Every body in our country will be eating well every day no question.

As Machine Gun Kelly comes on the stage he sings as he continues:

My country! My country!

As the song changes, Survivor comes out.

Survivor: Our poofs our rising up, straight to the top.

As he looks at the crowd, He screams in a metal way into this microphone.

Survivor: The eye of poof……. When you look our citizens eyes you see that burning will to survive behind their eyes. We always as the USA stand up to not only our countries rivals, but our friends rivals.

As The Head General of The United States of America comes back on.

Head General of The United States of America: Our Top Scientists and Head Engineers realized that they had enough being the top ones getting to use calculation power of the United States of America Computation/ Calculation network. So they devoted it all to our citizens.

Head General of The United States of America: Our Alpha and Omega teams in The United States of America along with the same teams of most major countries are trying to prevent all possibilities of world war 3 until we proceed.

As The Head General of The United States walks back in the stage to let someone on he says: So if you happen to be going the NAZI way, no matter who you are in any government on Earth. You all just might meet the alpha and omega teams that are similar to seal team 6.

As The Lead Singer of Drowning pool comes on stage saying lightly at first let the bodies hit the floor, but as he reached the front he screamed out: LET THE BODIES HIT THE FLOOR OF THOSE WHO GO AGAINST OUR COUNTRY.

As he calmed down and paced a little saying: Cretin, we cannot take much more, Push our Country again, this is the end, the countries of Earth will all see peace in the END!!!!!

As The Head General of The United States of America gets back up front on stage he starts singing: All our poofs are kings or queens in this game, only little bitches and assholes think pawns cant even play in the country game. Because they are not pawns little bitches and assholes, The United States of America puts more behind all of its people in classified then all of your rich worthless fucks have done combined in all of time for our public. All these government people need to get their fucking heads straight, because the top doctors of The United States of America are not concerned about Robert Mitchell Livingston doing anything but the stuff he normally does, but they are looking very close at a lot of government people to see what they are thinking and doing, because Homeland security and the FBI, Advanced Technology divisions, are more concerned about these government people we have identified, are doing something dangerous to anyone other then themselves on United States of America with Advanced Technology. Look about and ask yourself, 45 years Bill Gates and your company never comes up with this series of technology? Or likely story behind the scenes the countries were in disagreement about something. What that is in depth, few know, but a lot of people around the Earth would play that game too regardless of how much they know.

As the general finishes talking most of the last song verse, people are taking notes and screaming out questions as they forget the concert.

Head General of The United States of America: Should we start the night long story time as we all take different energy or fun medications prescribed by our doctors to the one that would most help us all.

They all screamed YES!

As everyone that was along with The Head General came out on stage to sit, along with everyone else that was involved with the team, for the night long story time as The Head General of The United States of America takes time to update the realities of everyone in the crowd, so he needed them focused as if it was the most important class in their life, but still story time a fun day and night of other things.

Head General of The United States of America: These government people do not realize that by slowing down Robert Mitchell Livingston, they make it more and more clear certain government people are not qualified for the government nor the Life agency but they have become so entrenched we have been setting examples so our agents can think clearly and figure certain ideas out. Then we are bringing in more people from the public, such as Robert Mitchell Livingston, and make them into great people be devoting time into them as the current upper levels of The United States of America, so we can correctly raise our replacements in the Armed Forces and all of the United States of Americas government, so the correct people find their ways to places of the greatest power inside all of The United States of Americas government.