Robert Mitchell Livingston: The citizens of The United States of America do not need protection from North Korea, China, Russia, or another country, we need protection from the wealthy inside of The United States of America and in the public. They have led to the deaths of millions to hundreds of millions that should not have happened these last decades without our leaders not knowing how to lead a country. The citizens of The United States of America need protection from our government agents and people that are completely out of touch with the reality of our citizens, but raped, toyed with and played with a bunch of people around our country while undercover, so they like totally know our people. When they do not know our people. Trump ruined thousands of lives by insiting a mob that would never have occured, those were United States of America citizens that talked into doing something by the president someone we should trust and listen too. Trump should 100% be in jail, and everyone that was thrown away should be released because they did not do anything wrong, they did what their glorious leader told them too do, and you do not mass murder citizens by throwing them in prison because they dared listen to their own president, again someone we should trust and listen too, those people were 100% in the right to storm the capitol and not criminals but the victims, Trump was criminal responsible along with anyone else involved on his team. Our government people just regurgitate knowledge such our laws making it sound those people committed a crime, but is ignoring the fact that in The United States of America, not our laws, it states that the president should be someone our citizens can listen to and trust. Trump started it, meaning he caused everything that happened after, you can call the people arrested criminals, but they are not, Trump is.