As the top classified groups of Earth start to turn on their bodies which they had turned off and buried, moving their conscience to a body that could communicate and be friends with the lower levels of the governments without giving away classified secrets at the top that countries still need to keep in case of war, we still have not gotten to 100% no war, so always plan so war never happens.

As the Skull and Bones of the Alpha and Omega teams of The United States of America teams start to raise out of the dirt, government employees start to disappear around the Earth, as their conscience pops up in another body around Earth.

As Alpha and Omega turn up their power levels again as Robert Mitchell Livingston writes, not before or after. The Pentagon and Homeland security start to pick up signals around the United States of America as Alpha and Omega step their power levels up again, while the lower levels of the government struggle to just keep pace in energy.

Alpha and Omega: How many Bill Gates and Beezos type people do you all think are in Alpha and Omega? Because the answer is zero. Bill Gates and Beezos exist in the public because the government of The United States of America would have never wasted their people, resource, and time with people like Bill Gates or Beezos in charge, so doing it in the public helps alpha and omega calculate because they never thought that direction very heavily because they went another way, so Alpha and Omega of The United States of America have the opposite of Bill Gates and Beezos at the top. Our Life leaders try to research and test out as many possibilities in reality as they can instead of just doing everything in calculation, or repeating things that work when they could do something that works slightly less but with time and research might be better then the original direction the scientists and engineers went. Our real Life Leaders want to grow as much life as they can out of Earth.

As the skull and bones that built Harvard, not rich little cunts and assholes that went there to get propped up for the rest of their life, rise from the planet that they had buried their bodies in to connect to the core, so they could run advanced high power simulations in the center, but to the lower levels of Earths government it would look like a normal planet parked inside a solar system nearby. The Skull and Bones, and the actual most powerful people of The United States of America not rich little cunts and assholes, turn their planet online that they had hidden, every country on Earth starts to pick up their energy levels as power pours out of their core

Advent Guard Note: You measure power levels by monitoring for particles below electron that travel fast enough to measure another object in real time which you cannot do with electrons unless you are close by. But measuring the electron particle below electron which travels faster, you can figure out how much electron energy they are producing by seeing how much of the lower level particles they are producing. I should not have to explain all of this, it should be obvious to anyone that can think about physics or astronomy.

Advent Guard Note: The United States of America government slaughters their poor to protect the rich. Prisons and other similar agencies and departments where kept alive and functional for decades longer then they should have been so rich people can mass slaughter their citizens legally, because they learned when you order them killed you get in trouble, so they improved where the NAZIS, and Soviet Russia failed, they got in trouble for killing their people, so the United States of America learned how to not get in trouble for mass murdering the citizens that rich people do not like. Rich people are solely in charge of our government and kept the improvement to where the NAZIS failed alive for decades because they are completely out of touch with our citizens. How many millions died these last decades because of these rich people failing at controlling our government? And how many more have to die in mass by this rich people before we can live in a country that actually cares about its citizens. Our government and rich people have literally learned from NAZI Germany and Soviet Russia that you get in trouble when you mass kill your people, so they learned how to throw them in prisons or get them to kill themselves, or psych wards and lobotomy medicine until they die, so they can do what NAZI Germany and Soviet Russia did and get away with it while pretending they are good loving caring people as they hide behind their children and families like cowards, instead of stepping in front of them.

Head General of The United States of America: Over ten thousands United States of America government employees or agents will be serving very serious jail time over this, giving us an excuse to free the people in prisons and psych wards that need help finally from The United States of Americas government for once in their lives that these rich government employees and agents have gotten their entire lives.

Lower Level of USA government: OMG this technology makes life so awesome, I have been on the latest energy medication for 3 years now and I am so full of life! Robert Mitchell Livingston was purposefully put to sleep to make him look lazy while engineers and scientists got ahead of him that could not think of what Robert Mitchell Livingston could until after he thought it. And then we made him scream to sound angry, when he wasn’t, so the psychotic rich people on the case that have been loving caring people their entire lives wont get their hands dirty murdering the poor citizens that get in their way.

Upper Level of USA Government: We already know all of this science, have for over a century sense are leading theorist first theorized it in the armed forces. This is about the future of our citizens, and the rich people wont even admit what they did over the last half century to our citizens while being in charge of the government. Those government people are not apart of the top levels of the armed forces, and they do not get that level of technology. The lower levels are far behind the upper levels, and they need to realize that.