When your citizens have functional lives with their bodies and voice box, but make no progress in their life thinking, they can live their entire life like a bowling ball with the gutter stops up, where the person just interacts with their surroundings using what their brain automatically calculates, blurting it out to say or doing something with their body in response, but spend no time thinking of anything else just automatically repeating that if the situation happens again, the citizen is barely alive, and enslaved more then slaves from the 1800s because we have built our society around masking slavery of the lower classes, so it is not as obvious as it used to be, which makes it worst because then slavery could not only continuing, but find ways to further re-enforce so that no slaves cannot even prove that its slavery. Imagine that, being enslaved by a government that knows what slavery is and is opposed to it, but they still care so little about their lower classes they enslave them other ways, the lower class would never have a chance in that reality because they would spend all their time arguing if its slavery or not and the people in charge are the ones that would get in trouble if its come up slavery, so none of the people in charge will admit to it, causing slavery to prosper and thrive in United States of America society the last decades.

Advent Guard Note: Our countries did get rid of slavery, they just learned how to hide it.