With full particle networks across all countries we will be able to absorb or add material all the way down to the dynamo so our countries can grow on Earth, making a never ending Earth. Think in several hundred years The United States of America and Russia may not be as big of countries on Earth landmass wise and another country may be bigger. I would bet my life that this is what is at the center of the Galaxy, with stars rotating around it in a Universe configuration to produce energy for it, an entire Universe structure made out of suns instead of planets and gas giants.

I would bet my life that at the center of the Milky-Way Galaxy you will find countries on that central planet with similar histories as the countries on Earth.

Earth will be the center of the Universe for everyone that is born from it after we start to re-arrange the stars around us to improve our way of life. I am curious if at the center of the Galaxy is a main star and a main planet, or even something that looks like an atom that like a theorized months ago, where the planets, gas giants, and stars that get the biggest win the game and become the center of everything. Through out time a perfect Universe configuration would be impossible because certain planets and other objects would keep expanding with our society, so the particle around the never ending planets, gas giants, and stars could be changed into anything while the amount of resource grows, but certain planets, gas giants, and stars become so important that our societies never stop putting resource and time into them, so these become the center of the Universe.

The center is where the most energy goes threw, with an upgraded body that can utilize increasing energy flows as if the person is a dam, you would want your society at the center, so your most important planet is inside the flow of energy so the people on it can utilize the energy.

So imagine a thousand years from now, and nothing we will have built will compare to Earth, so as time passes and that trend continues of the societies of Earth putting resource and time into Earth mainly, Earth will go in the center more like a proton then a normal solar system, as the Gas Giant and Star we focus on through out time makes up a center that stays at a scale ahead of all the rest of the Universe structure because of the focus of our societies through out time.

The thing we have put the most time and energy into is Earth, why would we give up on it now? Realizing that helps focus the mind on what really matters for our future.

Imagine several hundred more years of having our societies at the point that they can all talk, something that only occurred a few decades ago, then you realize that in only several hundred more years every citizen will naturally care about all countries of Earth and their futures not just their own country.

Robert Mitchell Livingston: Wouldn’t it be better to upgrade Earth and our solar system and then go the biggest star we can and take over that solar system with Earth, bringing our solar system with us and adding it in. That would be in about a hundred years if we go that direction with our futures, when Earth is powerful enough to switch the direction of our solar system and head us to the biggest and best solar system to take over that we can reach. Then in 200 years Earth will have moved and taken over the biggest solar system we can.

Or build the other version of Earth I came up with outward from Earth. I am curious which direction Earth will go, grow Earth, or build outward from Earth keeping Earth the same.

One of the first things the countries of Earth will do in the next decades also is take over enough solar systems to turn Earths solar system into a Universe structure using full sized planets and gas giants, and not just what we find in the asteroid zones.