As three hundred NASA employees that had used their positions and money to help them all create Iron Man and Women suites walk along a giant NASA walkway underground. As a NASA command person walks into the room which has wind roaring through it as the 300 walk through the wind chamber, the NASA command person says:

NASA Command: We are going with Advent Guard Life, Robert Mitchell Livingston. Our citizens win for once, you rich cunts and assholes.

As the NASA command person leaves the room, closing and locking the door, he says:

NASA Command: That is a go for launch.

He says as NASA Command turns the wind on full as the Iron Men and Women go flying.

As the NASA Command person on Advent Guard Life command center duty walks away, he says:

NASA Command: Our poofs need fucking saved. And if we have to be the poofs to save our poofs, then so be it.

He says as the top scientists that used millions of United States of America Tax payer money to build themselves Iron Men and Women suites go flying out of NASA.

In NASA Command, commanding the launch of Advent Guard Life, poofs work at Reality Calculators, putting the dreams of the poofs or citizens they were helping on the board, then like a work out machine bringing their dreams to reality or the ground.

As the eye of the tiger blares, NASA scientists line up, all of them on 6 hour bursts of energy medications to pump out ideas, as they limber up to get into a reality calculator and calculate ways to save poofs and improve life.

As the Top Scientists and Engineers of NASA spend another calculating at top secret facilities around The United States of America, The Top Scientists and Engineers say:

Top NASA Scientists and Engineers: Well you can tell the most powerful people of Earth Robert Mitchell Livingston is our best friend, and its shake and bake time.

Most Powerful People of Earth: NASA we don’t like the way your talking over there.

Top NASA Scientists and Engineers: MAN THE ROCKETSHIPS.

NASA says pointing at Space X and Blue Origin, as the NASA scientists and engineers look out their dynamo car window to Robert Mitchell Livingston:

NASA Scientists and Engineers looking at Robert Mitchell Livingston: Come on buddy, slingshot it!

As Robert Mitchell Livingston gets into his dynamo car, ready to slingshot with NASA and win the race.

Most Powerful People of Earth: Look CIA we need you take out Robert Mitchell Livingston.

CIA: OK sure, our poor citizens aren’t real to us anyways because they don’t have lives so they do not deserve life.

As Robert Mitchell Livingston screams for another day because of a neural attack not because of Robert Mitchell Livingston, NASA scientists listening in consulting on the case point this out to the others, as government agents crash all around Robert Mitchell Livingston as he drives on perfectly fine.

As Robert Mitchell Livingston makes another board set and idea set that proves numerous government teams are not apart of what is happening with Robert Mitchell Livingston and that they are just tagging on along with Robert Mitchell Livingston because their government jobs gave them the privilege to be apart of Robert Mitchell Livingstons life, not the other way around, making it more apparent to numerous government agents that not all of them are getting to the end of the race unscathed.

NASA, Top Level Classification: As The Head Leader of NASA floats in the center of NASAS command center of the Universe structure The United States of America had with all its citizens in it, massive moons rotate all around the command center, the center point of movement.

As NASA controlled the main command center that controlled all celestial objects in The United States of Americas Universe, the leader of NASA was considered to most in The United States of Americas government as one of the top 5 most powerful people from Earth and The United States of America. NASA drives the Universe, and the leader of driving the entire United States of America Universe is top 5 most powerful person in The United States of Americas classified hierarchy.

NASA Top Scientists and Engineers: It is about time our government agencies become what they become next.