As Earth holds its dead partner, NASA scientists dig within The Moon, digging down to its dynamo. As a NASA scientist puts their hand on The Moons Heart, she says:

NASA Scientist: We will bring you back to life old friend.

As moon moons nuclear heart reactors start, a NASA Scientist screams out:

NASA Scientist: RUN FOREST RUN!!!!!

As Moon Moon, Alpha Moon of the entire Galaxy filled with energy as it cores started to function as a dynamo helping The Moon run faster.

2150 NASA Scientist showing another scientist a picture of The Moon back from 2021:

NASA Scientist: And this is before our moon even knew how to moon! And then together with all the countries we taught Moon Moon, how to Moon. And that is how our Moon became the most powerful Moon in The Galaxy, because it gained a heart.

2090 NASA Engineer: Welllll yeah my job is basically to make The Moon purr, when that engine gets going The Moon and Earth can produce a lot of energy. So I basically tune up the engine of The Moon to produce more energy for all people of Earth. Its a job.

He says explosions go off behind him mid interview, as the NASA engineer doesn’t even flinch.