As the ideas of The Sword and The Shield flow into popular culture, the two oldest teams of The Pentagon, when they needed a sword, or when they needed a shield. Teams had a focus, what are they and what do they accomplish? The oldest types in The United States of America are the sword and the shield teams.


This is shield team 6, we are going in shielded heavy and talking to those poofs.

This is shield poof team 6, we are going to talk to those poofs.

This is sword team 6, we are moving in and neutralizing those poofs.

This is sword poof team 6, we moving in and winning this game.

After training with different shields and swords teams figure out which swords and shields work the best and then improve upon them, making your teams into greater shields and swords that can be ranked and compared to other similar team types.

Now imagine a Pentagon Shield Sword team, that defended and attacked, and improve upon that way of thought from there, starting that the most basic teams first made were shield and sword teams, and that all stemmed from there to become what it has today.

Pentagon: No one will own what is the base to our entire society and its future, regardless of how much is in their bank account.