Millions of years ago, after moon moon had filled in his lands with dirt from Earth, after Moon Moon had been a steam dynamo for Earth to churn water for millions of years.

As moon moon and Earth get locked into an atmosphere cycling rotation for millions years, smoothing out the Planet and Moon, and cycling the water into steam over and over again to produce the first drinking water of life on Earth. When moon moon first broke off from Earth, it kept a suction of atmosphere that cycled back and forth between the two.

Moon moon had churned the atmosphere of Earth, as its dynamo was exposed, swirling around until before it cooled, moon moon was a perfect orb.

As moon moons dynamo goes dark, giving all it could to Earth, moon moons dynamo cries out before it dies:

Moon Moon: I give everything for this planet to live.

Moon Moon says in his last gasps, as his dynamo goes dark.

NASA Alpha Team: We are starting the Moons dynamo again, it will bring the most magnetic energy to Earth out of anything we could do. Increasing our poofs energy levels in the future when that matters more.

NASA: 2050, the rise of moon moon as moon moons dynamo comes back to life.

Advent Guard Life: Did someone say a Live needs resurrected!? Moon Moon here I come, after I save our poofs!

As Earth dances with a dead partner, a planet of people trying to make life on it, it almost makes tears come to your eyes visualizing Earth and what it is going through.

NASA: What must the alien races around us think of us?