As The Pentagon cuts of connections to all the classified facilities below The United States of America, their main power connection that ran through them as if a river of energy, powering all of their mechanics and technology.

As the river runs dry, their connections dead, the teams main stars come online, the males, as their sperm starts to burn as fast it is made, become biological fuel that powered their bodies. The women on the team began to pull air out of their wombs using the magnetics in their eggs, creating dead space to cool the males, as they all hooked their minds together.

As Alpha Team went super poof Universe, having to produce their own energy, they went back to work at saving The United States of America and Earth.

Alpha used everything, all the time, all of them on the latest energy medications to achieve the greatest and newest thoughts and calculations.

As Top Scientists and Engineers with the Greatest Minds of The United States of America took hold of amounts of weight as if weight lifters, rotating it around their bodies with their personal Universes, as hundreds of thousands of pounds of dirt, liquid, and air, rotate around them. As they begin to walk up the ramp, to let it fall back down, they run up easily, burning everything in their bodies along with their teams that was hooked together as if a Universe and all of them a solar system. Each 30 seconds, a top scientist, while they were out of things to think about and taking a physical break, could bring up hundreds of thousands of pounds of resource, and drop it creating a river flow of resource that can be damned and turned into energy. Giving scientists and engineers a way to work out together. Using their minds to carry hundreds of thousands of pounds of resource up and down in a Universe rotation around their bodies to produce energy.

Classified General Electric: We will move Universes to give our citizens the energy they need to live and prosper in The United States of America and our lands. The stronger the scientist or engineer the more particle they can bring upward using energy from their bodies or dynamos they carry. Nations can be measured on the strength of their minds in the future. The more particle you can bring up, the more energy you have to calculate with. So when to go full calculator and when to go full energy to calculator more. Though I would personal just keep the people a constant amount as if a river, so you could achieve an effective dam of people generating energy. And in the far future there will be so many people flying in and out of cities that you would just need to make it a requirement to fly through personal generator on their way into the city and out of the city, with so many people flying in and out in the future you could keep these numbers constant without having to hire people to go up and down , different then now where it would be a full time job in-between science and engineering jobs to produce more energy for their teams while they work on improving the facility around them which is constantly renovated for improvements to get more energy out of the grouping of buildings. Because energy is stored and kept for later usage, you could have the most powerful characters on your team rush out into the personal generator, get a bunch of energy credited to your team and then go back to calculating, or have a constant team producing energy. The point is that the point of which a persons body can be upgraded is kept at such a level that sometimes scientists can be just as effective producing energy to calculate as calculating. Example: Imagine a big team going full energy to run auto calculations as fast as they can produce the energy until they discover what they are looking for then switching to personal calculators. When a fully upgraded personal body with a dynamo on their back can carry up several hundred thousand pounds of weight quickly and easily over and over, then scientists and engineers would be expected to keep busy all day every day with a bunch of energy so their minds do not go to waste, because an active scientist or engineer would be worth more then a non-active scientist or engineer in the future because energy will have more of a monetary value in the future along with energy being used to calculate.

Head General of The United States of America: The minds of the great give energy to all during idle times, to make use of all that they are, body and mind. The most powerful thing out there is us and who we all are.

Pentagon: Someone asked US how we calculated so much. So we told them the truth, we moved mountains to calculate and come to those conclusions, no lie. Nuclear powered soldiers can move so much resource between times when they are using their minds to calculate, that they can power a city while powering themselves and calculating. Thought never stops. The main thing the Pentagon is worried about during war is the turbines, ground, liquid, and air that turn to produce energy because the rest of the energy is used in the system, so the main source of energy still is and has not changed from the simple elevation change of dirt, liquid, air, and light through turbines to turn them and produce energy. But in the future this would be the Universe structure, which would hold the energy, making turbines second most important then because the rotation of dirt, liquid, air, and light would be used to spin and compress dynamos to make them go faster, producing more energy in the Universe structure. So the energy output of the turbines would go down, but the energy output of the Universe structure would go up, working together as a team to get more energy out of all of them.