As 8 head generals circle The United States of America main Universe star, floating directly in the center of the main moon network fans, the moons pulling so much energy through the generals their minds lit up with energy, giving them ideas and helping them think as if an energy medication, which all people in government society take, making it psychotic for the public to instead put its poor citizens asleep and only wake up the rich people with medications, as if poor people are sub people in The United States of America and not treated the same.

Head Generals of The United States of America: We owe it to all the fans that helped us think. They work the most to pull electron and energy through the Universe, which means more energy for the people in The Universe.

Head Generals of The United States of America: The more powerful the peoples minds in The Universe, the more energy their minds pull through their body. Meaning because it is all connected through a solar system with a center star, the more powerful your peoples brains, the more powerful your countries stars because people will pull more energy from the star increasing its power output. The upper levels of The United States of America is going Adderall and other energy medications through out our society so our people have the energy to accomplish what is in their minds. Doctors going against that will be removed in these next coming years, and have been through out the last years for going against the direction of The United States of America. A doctor prescribes medications correctly, our citizens get more done and accomplish more, the citizen has a nicer life, everything is great. When doctors go against our people, they can kill and slow our people down, decreasing profits in the region because they only prescribe Adderall to the Rich. The happiness and productivity of our citizens is more important then our doctors opinions.

Head Generals of The United States of America: You can actually speak to someone speaking fast until they speak calmly and at a slower pace. Lobotomizing and shutting down the brain until they do slow down speaking is only something bad doctors do because you could end up messing up the persons mind for months and then send them spiraling again because they lost a a train of thought that was happy and productive them that was medicated away before they could finish. Slowing down their life, and possibly ruining it. When our society is more on these medications, it will be important to focus on our citizens lives and what they accomplish, because it means something to them. As the Head Generals of The United States of America like to say: You could medicate away and get the next writer and creator of the Next Advent Guard Life to kill themselves before they finish, that’s billions of dollars to our economy potentially gone because some doctors messed up, also working on Advent Guard Life while on Adderall would have made me incredibly happy and in no way want to kill myself at all, something that should be blaringly obvious to anyone unless they were forgetting it on purpose to help kill me Robert Mitchell Livingston and in no way help me, while covering it up.

Head Generals of United States of America: These government employees slowed down the progress of our entire society, so their scientists, engineers, and other people could get ahead, with no intention of even releasing it to the public, just the intention of getting as far ahead as they could before the public gets it. Robert Mitchell Livingston was the only one actively trying to release the information, while government people purposefully slowed him down so their worthless scientists and engineers could farther ahead before the public gets this technology finally?

Supreme Court: That about sums up how the trial is going to go Head Generals. Classified has been keeping technology from our society for centuries, however they have rules they follow, and release technology as fast as they can. However purposefully slowing down the progress of the entire United States of Americas society and people so a handful of government scientists and their teams can get ahead, while The United States of America has already done that research so many times, it was useless research, because The United States of Americas government was focused on our citizens, not more rich children joining the government and wasting millions or billions on government classified projects that have already been done. It is over time our public knows what can be found on Robert Mitchell Livingstons walls, and anything he can imagine around it, because our people are so far ahead we have no fear. However the low level groups have fear, because people such as Robert Mitchell Livingston can come up with ideas they have not thought of, however we are assuring the planet of Earth our true leaders are not so stupid and have already came up with those ideas decades ago. These government people tried to murder Robert Mitchell Livingston over things that he could imagine and think of, normally resulting in that person getting a job in The United States of Americas government, meaning the government agents around Robert Mitchell Livingston tried to purposefully and in a premeditated and organized manner to lead to the end of Robert Mitchell Livingstons life. Do these government people realize in no way does that mean Robert Mitchell Livingston goes to jail for the traps they setup in his life to purposefully murder him, the government is not so stupid to look at SSI and what happened and not see that they meant to fade away to other states and have Robert Mitchell Livingstons life end because of where they left it leading. Those government agents will be on trial for murder charges, these government agents are looking at around 10 years if convicted, if they cannot find an excuse for their behavior in a pardon on their case, or something else. That is the court case the supreme court case is looking at Robert Mitchell Livingston right now. Slowing you down on purpose to murder your life when they know exactly what they are doing and where it leads you, is murder. These government agents will not be protected by their agencies on this. Report back in out loud about what you see because it is blaringly obvious something is happening by now and would be more insane to think otherwise, just do not let them work you up, because they just want videos like some scumbag group from the production team of the Everlasting trying to get more ratings.

Supreme Court: Once government agents step over a line and try execution style murder through insanity of a United States of America citizen by the name of Robert Mitchell Livingston, and then continue to terrorize him to provoke reactions in ways that only make him sound insane if he mentions them because they are done through neural technology so they are designed to seem as if nothing is happening other then just the ordinary. To Robert Mitchell Livingston, our scientists would love to have you on our research teams once this is started. To the United States of America government agents involved: This time some of these agents are looking at 10 years in prison, and they should not be so used to getting away with this that they think prison is only for the poor people, not any of those government agents. You cannot purposefully move a citizen next to a school to justify more in government spending around the person, that means the money is not justified, by falsified and increased exponentially for the direct purpose to murder and cover up the murder of Robert Mitchell Livingstons life, by changing up government teams as many times as needed, fuck up Robert Mitchell Livingstons life so much he is nothing but the walking dead, and then beat him for it as if its his fault. In what reality are these government agents not going to prison for this, and what fantasy reality does Robert Mitchell Livingston go to prison over what government agents faked to murder him, to protect government agents. Government tactic: Setup the person so they do something, then wait years while your rotated off the case, and then they continue to do it while the person who caused is in another state getting away with a murder level felony crime while holding a government position and thinking its OK acceptable behavior for United States of America agents.

Supreme Court: If we get all the government tactics these government agents were used to using to kill our citizens, then we can prevent the most into the future because other government agents will not do those things specifically.

Advent Guard Life: Even our government agents need saved. And sense The Pentagon can confirm that crop yields do not go up when you sacrifice your own people, then it is time to save all our poofs.