As NASA astronauts prepared for the launch of a United States of America Phase 1 Carrier class Space Ship Cruiser, the ships dynamo began to be filled the most energetic material that it could handle, hooked directly to NASAS main dynamo at the launch site, the Rocket Ships dynamo was filled with the hottest most energetic material it could fit.

NASA Astronaut: Main Turbines coming online.

The atmosphere if the launch chamber was filled with air at the top, that allowed the rocket to have enough grab to lift off.

As the rocket started to lift several feet off the ground, reaching weightlessness, they began to ready the main rockets which used liquid hydrogen and Oxygen to at first make water, then into a steam nozzle to use up the steams expansion, then a final nozzle that captures the final expansion of the water back to Hydrogen and oxygen.

NASA Command Center: Go for launch.

NASA Astronaut: Launch.

As he activates the rockets at weightlessness, they begin to move with barely anything coming out of the back of the rocket. The water and then hydrogen and oxygen super heated so much it dissipated beyond steam, leaving no traces as the rocket ship moved skyward. As the fusion engines turned to expanding steam thanks to lasers and electrical heat in the nozzle, NASA finally turned on the fission reaction at the end by filling electrical components with energy just as in a rail gun launch, however the energy was used to fire a high energy pulsed laser into the third nozzle, igniting the fission reaction.

With three separate expansions in the nozzles, the fuel cost was drastically below that of a normal rocket, it also made no trail as it went into space because the hydrogen and oxygen did not make steam.

As they enter space the astronaut says:

NASA Astronaut: Switching main turbines to plasma turbines.

He says as the turbines begin to pull in electron, grabbing in space just as air turbines grabbed in air. The rockets glowed red from the lasers, behind the rocket no normal rocket trails followed it as it made its way to the moon, easily going to the moon in several days time comfortably.

NASA: Alpha team of NASA is already in talks with the other countries to grab that dynamo floating in our solar system and bringing it to Earth to make dynamo cars for our citizens out of. Negotiations are going well so far.

NASA: After our citizens get enough dynamo cars, we can start to put them into systems around Earth to create energy, or even tug boat Earth around. Together as a society we will grow, the society of Earth.

As the space ship moves towards the dynamo, a fellow Advent Guard floats inside the Space Ship, as she says:

NASA Advent Guard Life Astronaut: Our poofs need saved.

As the Alpha Team of The United States of America heads first to the moon using no electronics and only 1840 steam technology, an astrophysicist yells out:

NASA Scientist: Orbit calculations done, making course corrections now!

After they would head outward to the dynamo to grab it, after NASA sends out another rocket filled with water to resupply the ship. Rockets had already been sent ahead, so they could collect water on the way to re-supply on their way to the asteroid belt to grab the dynamo. Because of the triple nozzles, they could reach speeds fast enough to grab the dynamo within the year and bring it back.

All while the other space companies are busy filling space with as much sperm as they can ejaculate out into it with their dildo rockets.

NASA: Yeah our ship had a quantum calculator to drive the space ship too, its called 8 astrophysicists all staring out telescopes and talking to each other while communicating with 4 drivers and a team of engineers to keep the space ship going.

NASA: Heavy metal liquid dynamos in space would make the core for the best space ships our citizens could get, grabbing that one dynamo and bringing it to Earth to stabilize the future out come of the entire society of Earth into the future. We would have heavy metal dynamo spaceships, that while they could not re-enter Earth, smaller versions they carried could. The heavier metal dynamos will allow the societies of Earth to build powerful dynamo cars, that can unite together to form Universes. After the first several million dynamo cars, we can surround moons, and tub boat them places, form into Universe structures and produce energy by driving around, in the future tug boat the Earth around, or completely surround Earth and overlap our Dynamo cars atmospheres when we get billions of dynamo cars, and then we could take Earth wherever we want.

NASA: It is obvious and clear that NASAs next main mission should not be the moon, but a united move with the other countries to grab that dynamo and bring it to Earth as fast as possible. By sending rockets ahead, and using fully automated rockets, we can grab the dynamo faster then people could, do full burns that are re-supplied ahead of time by sending rockets to those places. Teaming up with all the other countries, we should be able to grab the dynamo and start creating dynamo cars in years. Because of how big the Dynamo is, our countries can start to make large carrier class ships outside of Earth, that could carry millions to other solar systems. With a small moon space ship, you could orbit around and around our solar system picking up speed while having dynamo cars around you the entire time filling you with energy, so when you leave the solar system and head to another one you are full of energy. Sending entire small moons of supplies to the surrounding solar systems after the countries decide on how we are going to split the nearby solar-systems. With dynamo cars we should be able to surround the moon and re-start its dynamo, also moving the countries of Earth into the future safely and quickly because with moon moons dynamo going again, we can start adding energy to moon moon with the facility we used to re-start the dynamo, speed up moon moon, increase its magnetic field so it can sustain life, and add more energy to Earth through the magnetic field connection. Countries will also be able to create universes using the dynamos that life and people can live on, growing them to full Universes after millions of years, at the start them mostly being used for calculations and energy production. Using the dynamo cars in Universe configuration Earth should be able to start stars in space easier, the more dynamo cars we have the bigger the Universe configuration, the bigger and more powerful stars we can create as a society.

The more and more powerful dynamo cars Earth can produce, the more powerful all our countries become. You could also see this picture as the dynamo cars and big ships around our sun, advancing this setup we should be able to pilot the sun.

When each spaceships dynamo can have a fission/fusion engine installed, then millions of dynamo cars can group together and transfer resource, changing it into whatever elements they need and creating complex molecular structures out of them. You could create a Universe structure where each Dynamo car has a different fission/fusion engine that creates different elements, but combined they can make any element, or change up the structure to fit any need of resource, rapidly changing massive quantities of resource as the dynamo ships surround and go full Universe configuration together.

We would also be able to transfer around massive amounts of resource with our teams of dynamo cars, building our solar system.

NASA: There is only one obvious choice to the direction NASA will take in these next coming years, it is clear we must team up, split the dynamo, and help build our solar system, progressing our people into the future. Governments are built on the fact that if they do not do certain things then their citizens will not, and NASA will achieve its goals of helping its citizens reach for the stars.