Infinite United States of America Water and Steam Space Ship. The ship is powered by a cycle, it produces liquid hydrogen and oxygen to burn to create energy that is then cycled back into the system as water, the core holds heat in dynamos building and holding heat through fuel burns that will constantly cycle through the ship creating energy in different ways even when the ship is not burning fuel for energy. Because the fact that as hot water rises and is separated from colder water as it becomes steam, it pulls energy from the colder water making it colder, using the steam/water dynamo you separate the hot and cold funneling hot up and cold down. This creates an energy pull, heating and cooling both ends because the heat is pulled upwards away from the bottom. After the ship is in space, the lower portion of the dynamo opens to space to help cool the water/hydrogen/oxygen. The steam is super heated to greatest point of steam in nozzle two, and then undergoes fission back to hydrogen and oxygen in nozzle three because of more energy added to the third layer through the nozzle ( Thinking lasers entwined through out nozzle would get the steam enough to fission because of the flow of energy and heat from the engine in layers keeping it warmer and warmer until it reaches fissionable energy levels. Because of increased thrust the nozzles can be smaller, allowing for them to have more additional nozzles compared to normal nozzles, and allowing for the three stage nozzles to maintain their structural integrity compared to single stage nozzles, because they are smaller because they have greater thrust.

Water was stored in all the walls of the ship, separated by how energetic the layers where to keep heat in the system and circulating. At the top corners where the observatories, and the bottom corners where the people who steered and navigated the ship, with basics for crew life in the rooms in-between these parts of the rocket. Also the spaces between the parts with rockets below them where used as crew quarters, while the center equivalent spaces between spaces with rockets were used for air and electron to be pulled through. The old school solar sails for the turbines in the center used ionized gases to repel electron as turbine blades filled with ionized gas turned, this gas was turned to max luminosity on the inside the ship, emitting the maximum amount of electron that it can as it spins to create an electron barrier that repels electron, this is captured mostly as heat in the system and cycled back around through the dynamo as electricity to power that part of the system again. Because of the observatories at the top, these rocket ships were referred to as turret rocket ships because of their four corner fortifications at the top looking around such as a fort.
Liquid that is colder is sifted out to be made into liquid Hydrogen and Oxygen, while liquid that is hotter tends to rise and become air creating energy. Liquid Hydrogen and Oxygen are used to keep the center of the dynamos warm not just as rocket fuel.

As the Top Scientists and Engineers walk forward towards their ship, a full steam powered rocket ship using a dynamo as a core reactor that mimicked the Earths core. The rocket had enough energy to go to the moon and back.

As Alpha team launched and landed on the moon, ticking off Moon Landing from their Life List.

No electronics other then electricity used to heat the cabins and nozzles of the rockets.

NASA: NASA has been pulling nothing out of nothing and making it something incredible for so long that its built into the history of our name and who we are.

NASA: The spaceships we sent out on long missions did not have Starbucks, they had Starmoos, where the cows worked there because it was at first easier to keep them there sense they only supplied latte milk. All the true classified remember Starmoos, and want them to be reality.

NASA Scientist sipping Starmoo Latte: Your spaceship didn’t have a Starmoo? How did you people live, like barbarians?

Armed Forces Scientist sipping Starmoo Latte: Something like that, this thing is so good, why didn’t we have these.

Alpha NASA Team after launch: Keep the temperature under control.

He says talking to a person whos job was to just keep the temperature under control. They had another 10 people around the 7 rocket cabins dedicated to jobs such as that. The rocket circled around, having 8 main cabins and 5 main rockets, however each cabin still bad a nozzle below that can be used as a rocket just without a main engine tied in dedicated to it.

As The Alpha team of NASA proceeds to The Moon using only the people onboard to steer the ship and navigate to The Moon Safely. They had look outs around the entire ship that talked to each other with open air channels.

Running at 75% water at only 50% of the way to the moon the top scientists decide to make orbit and descent to the moon using their lander. If they failed, they could stop before anything bad happened, go slow, and get as much data as possible for the next trip when they could talk to the entire team about what happened. They couldn’t loose the ship, so they would only push it certain levels and then pull back on their orbit around the moon and back to Earth.

As astrophysicists worked around the clock looking out all the observatories built around the ship to keep track of their position with the stars, and direct the drivers on the correct direction, they slept in rotations, keeping eyes on all directions at all times, talking to each other also with air channels built into the ship.

Alpha NASA Team: We choose Robert Mitchell Livingston for President of The United States of America. Its Advent Guard Life Party Time, our poofs are in need, and it is long over do someone saved our poofs from their mundane lives.

The water lined the walls of the rocket ship, added with different solutions to create a radiation shield, which would used in multiple layers for the first trip to the sun.

Alpha NASA: All of these low level scientists and engineers forgot what the founding scientists and engineers of The United States of America taught, Blue water, Red Steam, White Air. All these scientists and engineers don’t even know what country they engineer and scientist in. None of these scientists or engineers except Robert Mitchell Livingston make a red, white, and blue rocket ship. What country is this Ellon guy from, Lesbo island, because he really loves those dildo rockets.

Alpha NASA: Can we get The Pentagon to check out these agents around Robert Mitchell Livingston, we aren’t sure what country they all are from. Barely any of them except Robert Mitchell Livingston and a few others made or even tried to develop a red, white, and blue rocket ship. Obviously these other scientists are fucking commies! Get em five sided building!

As The Head General of The United States of America, floating inside of Robert Mitchell Livingstons particle watches, he says: The founder fathers and mothers are back for The United States of America, and we aren’t leaving this time poofs of The Great lands of The United States of America.

As NASA reaches the dynamo in the asteroid belt within a month, using 1840s steam technology, they slow down as they line up for the shot.

NASA: Prepare the harpoons. If these young government poofs wont save the Earth then we will. We cannot use modern technology because its all classified, so fuck it, alpha team going in fucking anyways!!!!!

NASA Engineer: Harpoons ready!

NASA Astronaut: Launch!

As they grab the dynamo, they head towards their next refuel point of water and food.

Split equally between all countries of Earth, it will give bigger countries which will already expand the focus of expanding and only seeing the dynamo as a boost, while giving smaller countries an easy to catch up technologically. Helping Earth prosper.

Advent Guard Note: I am curious about which metal evaporates in dynamos to produce an energetic rolling state that can be used for pressure to pump particle up in atmosphere and cycle it through a system for flight and energy production in spaceships. What else do we need to start heavy metal dynamos in space? Cutting down heavily on costs and speeding up production rapidly. Water we can add, and massive amounts of different air for ships could be harvested from gas giants. Activating all three dynamo types, accept whatever the 4th is with after plasmatic light emission from air which is the third. So light would be the base of the 4th, but what would be the energetic state of light and could it be achieved with particle accelerators emitting only light?

NASA: It gives our poofs the greatest potential into the future, giving them a point to build anything around the dynamo because they could just switch the ship to only space and never bring it into the atmosphere. We can bring it into orbit around Moon Moon the one and only True Alpha Moon of the Milky Way Galaxy, or also referred to as our moon, which will give us an excuse to expand firmly to the moon. As each countries main planetary ships come online, we will see a new solar system emerge as they start build universes around them. Giving our poofs something to do every day and a reason to wake up. Automate all that can be, and then build a universe for our poofs from there.